February 4, 2011

January and February Quilty Goals

I always wanted to show my sewing room all tidy and neat, but it 'seams' not to be. It always ends up being a mess 5 minutes after 'that' idea. So what have I been up to?

Sewing Room Mess:

Dining Room Mess:

First, I have had some success in helping Zoe stay in her room during naptime. Of course that doesn't mean sleeping in bed. I hear "Wee wee wee..." and then I find her asleep in her glider. Some days she tries on all her shoes before she is overcome by sleep. That's my girl!

So Happy Sewing This January:

Postage Stamp Quilt: The directions are strip piece the 1 1/2 inch strips to the Kona White and cut into confetti. Iron and piece randomly as desired. Easy right?

Actually, once the cutting and ironing is done the block finishes in about a couple of hours and I don't have too much trouble getting the corners to line up. The Kona does not stretch. It's all the prep work that's tedious. How big? Dunno. I'm not sure how much fabric I have. I am thinking 16 blocks to make it 80 by 80. I might throw in a block of some 2 inch squares to show off some of the fabrics better.

Amercian Jane Hexagon Quilt: I have about 90-100 hexagon flowers to piece so I finished 11 this month.

The Good Folks Hexagon Quilt: It is being prepped. That means a lot of cutting out hexagons and using a template. The top will come together in matter of weeks once that is done.

Single Girl Quilt: I have been staring at the Katie Jump Rope fabric and wondering how to start this. I have cut out all the templates. Whoohoo! Not as hard as one would think. I did them during Play-Doh time in the mornings this week.

Cathedral Window Quilt: I have been keeping up it have 35 windows done. It takes a half an hour to finish a window now.

For February, I am going to try to
1. cut out and sew a test block of the Single Girl in Garden Party,
2. keep up with One-Window-A-Day Cathedral Window Quilt,
3. make a postage stamp block,
4. cut out all the Good Folks hexagons to machine sew,
5. try to finish ten more of the hexagon flowers, and
6. finish a pillow with the crazy nines.

I am going to stick to a block a month schedule.  Oh and blow all February and March's fabric budget on Kona. It's 7.00 at evil franchise store! Anybody know a great place to buy it online? I'm not going to buy anything until the SG rings are finished.

I did have luck finding the rest of Katie Jump Rope Fabric for the SG.  Over the summer I saw these on sale and ignored these great boyish fabrics.

I bought the top four at Sew Fabulous Fabric last week. (The other two are from stash.) Stephanie is great and the prices are reasonable. It was nice to find what I was missing all in the same spot.  I may use up the scraps and add some solids for a boyish looking quilt. What do you think? Do yah got goals for February?


  1. and exactly HOW do you get Zoe to stay in her room? my son really really likes to wander and has just recently napping every other day...lovely.

    JoAnn's and Hobby Lobby, and Hancocks usually have a 40% off coupon...i buy my Kona there mostly...not the best color selection...but that is where I start.

  2. My kids never slept in their beds either, one time my youngest was in her room throwing a fit, and throwing things too 15 minutes after it went quiet and went and checked on her, she had her play kitchen on its side, and she crawled inside the oven part and was sleeping more or less standing up inside of it with her pillow, and tear streaks down her cheeks, I took photos to taunt her with later, and left her there. It was the longest nap she ever took. By the way do you realize that last post you tried to post about the cathedral tutorial didn't post........:(

  3. You are so ambitious with 3 children - I feel lazy reading your amazing list of work!!! What a darling photo of the snoozing Zoe. Sweet.

  4. I recommend getting your Kona from the Fabric Shack. It's about $5/yd there. Plus, if you ask, you can buy a Kona color card to help make buying your Kona online easier. :)

    Linky: http://www.fabricshack.com/cgi-bin/Store/store.cgi?cart_id=3119164.4676.s0&lastmenu=submenu-9300.html&product=kaufman_konacotton


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