January 10, 2011

The Power of No

Zoe has not wanted to go to sleep. She has just moved to a regular sized twin, from a toddler bed, as of this weekend. She'll put up a fight to get in her bed. Most nights she will play until she falls asleep on the floor. Holding, snugging, having her crawl into our bed will not work. She'll wake up and wander everywhere if we don't put the baby gate up in the hallway. I been through two other kids doing this and I know it will pass in a few months.

Today she played in her room, until I had enough of it. I decided to sit in the rocking chair, in her room, to make sure she stayed under the covers. She yelled "NO!", in her every so cute almost two year voice, sat up and threw the quilt over her head. There she sat pouting and within two minutes the quilt rocked and swayed. She fell to the pillow once and tried to get up, but fell fast asleep, on her pillow, with the quilt on top of her face. I adjusted it slightly and with no fear of her seeing me leave the room, I did so. These next few weeks are going to prove interesting.

I'm going to take a nap now and save up some sleep.


  1. Of my now 11 year old...I have always said that it took accidently putting her head down just long enough to accidently fall asleep. I only have one girl that likes to go to sleep. The other two could stay up all night.

  2. My grandson is just about to move to a big boy's bed! Don't think I'll mention any of this to my daughter!!

  3. This is going to sound strange but I had babies and toddlers that slept too much! lol My son as a baby would start to throw a wobbly if I delayed in putting him in his cot because I wanted to cuddle! As soon as his head touch the pillow he would throw his arms above his head and sigh and go to sleep! It wasn't until the last one turned around four that he would make up every excuse in the world to get out of bed!

    Sweet Memories! You will treasure each one of them. Eventually! lol


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