January 5, 2011


Mugrugitis- when you start making little tiny tiny quilts, 5 by 8 inch-ish, and convince people you need them for their coffee cups because they're so much fun to make.

If you are wondering why I have been ignoring, not leaving bloggy comments or just in general been MIA this holiday season, here are some of the reasons why.

A mug rug with happy MM ta dots, happy (crazy) binding, and 100% linen, based on an idea from  Pin. Sew. Press.,


the artsy/Kona cotton look here, hoping it would look manly enough for an office,


the woodsy look here, using some Modern Meadow and some Wild Thyme,


the 1 inch postage stamp style, remembering Heidi's postage stamp along,


with backs that remind me of Hallmark cards,

back of mugrugs2

an extra Little Red tissue holder, based on Sew Mama Sew's tutorial by JCasa *handmade, really fast and cute,

tissue holder

and kitchen towels in a classic look of toile.

toile kitchen towels

Which makes me insanely tired looking at it all. Plus three quilts, the third of which I haven't even shown you yet! (Kool-Aid girl I'll make your mug rug soon! ;) I did like trying different styles in the mug rugs without much commitment.

The postage stamp mug rugs came together really well and fast so I am making a 20 inch square postage stamp, a block a month, my personal goal, from this ribbon candy. It's all Christmas looking fabric! I'll have to wait. My Kona has been backordered and will be coming at the end of the month.

fabric ribbon candy

Anyone want to trade lots of 3 inch plus-ish strips in modern bright Christmas fabric? I am actually looking for some Funky Christmas by MM in particular too. I am on a fabric diet for at least a few months and I want this to be super scrappy.

Oh yeah and my bloggy anniversary has come and gone as of December 26 so I need to have a giveaway soon- fabric...books.. handmade? I have to think about that one, but I have a birthday party and family visiting the next week so you are just going to have to wait and see! :)

UPDATE: This will be added to Sew and Tell this week. If you have time, I would really love if you visited the quilt called Dancing Coins that has became my daughter's. I also shared the top with you in March and you might remember seeing it during Show and Tell too. That was my second post to this group! I hope you like it.


  1. wow! you have been busy! i love all the ye candy and the inspiration here!

    way to go!

  2. Mug rugs are fun, aren't they? I have really enjoyed making them - it's a great way to use the adorable scraps that I've accumulated....

  3. Great mini quilts. I have one one my to do list.
    I love the picture of the ribbon candy fabric.
    I have some funky MM Christmas fabric but it is not Funky Christmas. I think it is from last year. I will take pictures for you.

  4. Based on that awesome post I'd have to say that you should consider a mug rug for your giveaway! Love your manly one, btw!

  5. wow! so much cuteness here today!

  6. I have yet to make a mugrug. I have fabric postcard-itis which is a similar complaint without the risk of coffee rings on my work! Congrats on your blogiversary, excited about your giveaway whatever it is!

  7. Cute! Love the woodsy one! Congratulations on your blogiversary! Mine came and went months ago and I didn't realise until Christmas! Life just gets too busy and really flies by!

  8. i realized yesterday that i needed to make myself a mug rug so i stop leaving spots in my sewing room! these are great!

  9. I have been resisting the mug rug siren song because I'm afraid I'd never quit, but your might just put me over the edge. Divine! thanks for sharing!

  10. Awesome mug rugs! Last month, I started a chapter of Mug Rug Addicts Anonymous - these things are thoroughly addictive!

  11. Cute mug rugs! If you are still looking for MM Christmas funky I have some... ooops, I went and looked and its Joy ... is that from the funky line?

  12. Holy smokes you've been busy! Love the mug rugs, so so pretty. And that Little Red print is ADORABLE!

  13. I love the scrappiness of the mug rugs, so pretty! And I also love the towels--definitely an idea I'll be filing away for gifts in the future. Thanks!

  14. OH MY GOSH! I love all your mug rugs and your title! LOL I keep meaning to take the time to make some cute mug rugs so I thank you for inspiring me!!!

  15. Wow! I totally want a mugrug now! All of these are so great. I really like the Little Red fabric. Really like it. Also, the toile kitchen towels are fabulous!

  16. Cuteness all around! Love the little postage stamp mug rugs!!!

  17. Kristen, your mug rugs are very cute. What a great way to practice binding. :)

  18. Kristen those are lovely finishes! I adore your mug rugs!!!


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