January 19, 2011

Henna Garden Goodness

I just got these in the mail today.

Why does the event need to be blogged? I ordered the Meadowsweet and Kona white yardage on January 2 and I decided that on a 8 week fabric diet after that. They were in the mail within the week and proceeded to  float around ice storm and blizzard la la land. I was a bit frustrated that the white did not come for my postage stamp quilt. (I am using Christmas fabrics and 1 inch white squares.) Now I was off to cut them to pieces today when I started to wonder... I have a tendency to throw in screaming sale fabric into my cart when I buy online.

Henna Garden

I think I blame my subconscious fabric choice on beauties like KT's. The brown is hiding somewhere in the rest of my Meadowsweet. Well... Six of these are going to be chopped up into little squares for the cathedral window quilt. I feel better than they will be used soon!  I'll show how to make your units by the end of the week.


  1. Me? Entering someone's subconscious? Surely not!!! It must be the Henna Garden speaking for itself in sweet whispers!! Love that fabric!!

  2. you're going to make a postage stamp quilt with ONE INCH squares??? You are a glutton for punishment! Unless it's a doll quilt?

  3. you'll never regret splurging on those lovely prints!!! They are going to look amazing in your cathedral windows.

  4. hennas are such great prints! happy sewing. :)

  5. Yes. She is annoying that way! LOL

    yummy, yummy scraps from her though when she goes a bit wild on fabric!

  6. You have great taste in fabric!


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