January 4, 2011

Dancing Coins

little feeties :)
This quilt is based on Amanda Jean's Stacked Coin quilt tutorial from fall 2009, and I thought the idea might be a great way to break in my sewing machine at the time.  The top was finished in the spring and uses Moda's Spring Magic by April Cornell. Maybe that why I wanted to finish it? I tried to blend the colors into each other and used 30 'coins' instead of 22. It measures 42" by 68". It started off as 48" wide, but the large amount of quilting shrank it as did a good wash. Yikes!

I didn't want to do straight lines so I thought free motion. Bad idea. Remember, I am terrible at it.  I had to rip out an entire pass over this quilt. So why not use a walking foot and make gentle curves? It worked... up to a point. I had used a template for the first curve down the middle. The nice curves became pointy, as I echoed the original line. I just gave up and procrastinated for months... of course. I decided to not be so picky and bought a blue DMC embroidery pen and marked the pinned top like crazy. I mark 5 curves then quilted 5 curves. I repeated that process throughout.

I didn't end up following all the lines I marked, but the lines became more curvy and evenly spaced. Some of them aren't and it adds to the quilt.

Some people don't like blue pens, but I have never had a problem with them leaving any marks. The directions on the packaging usually reads, "Do not iron." Really, who saves the directions on the packaging? The ironing sets the ink so be careful and wash your quilt first.

I don't think I would choose the white bars on the back again.

I love how it crinkled after washing!!

It was finished the 28th of December... and I can mark another off another goal from last year.

So why the name? The bars do wiggle back and forth and the quilting made the edges uneven a bit. (Something to keep in mind, if I try this again.) A few Zoe snuggles with it and the coins should evened out more.

The best part of the name comes from Zo-zo having a tendency to dance on my quilts while they are damp and drying out on the floor of my bedroom. There is nothing like waking up from bed in the morning realizing a baby is skipping, spinning and dancing on the quilt next to you on the floor.


  1. I just love the quilting on this! Thank you so much for describing your method. It was really helpful to read what worked and what didn't for you. I want to try this sometime.

    The image of little Zoe dancing on the quilt made me smile!

  2. Great fabrics, I love the quilt

  3. This is beautiful and I love the story you told about it. The back is as lovely as the front!

  4. i love it! so pretty! i am waiting for the walking foot that i ordered so i can start quilting one that i am making. :)

  5. I love the curved quilting, and I do admire your patience for marking all those lines!

  6. It's wonderful!!! I love that quilting.

  7. Kristen, it's a lovely quilt - and I love the idea of your little girl dancing on the quilt!!

  8. Lovely quilt!
    What a cute story about your daughter dancing on it!

  9. Wonderful quilt - thanks for sharing it! Maybe I'll just give this wondermarker a try; I have looked at it numerous times, but always decided not to use it. But your finished quilt looks "blue-lines-free" ;-)))

  10. What a great result. Thank you for explaining the whole process you went through - it's very encouraging for FMquiltingphobes like me. The quilting suits the design and gives a lot of movement, I think it's brilliant and I'm definitely going to give your method a try this year. Thank you.

  11. The waves are great. I am terrible at free motion so this might be a great thing to try instead of my lines.
    The Spring Magic line is great and looks awesome.

  12. I love it! So much in fact that I am going to go cut up a jelly roll I won into the coins!

    I have been thinking of buying a blue pen for needle turn applique but didn't realise it would be so useful for quilting too!


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