January 1, 2011


This is why I love my husband...

With one non-shredded belt, five hours later we now have a working treadmill. He likened the work to this: "It was like having to take apart a car engine to fill it with gas. Seriously, the only thing left for me to take apart would have been the wires to the motor." So yeah, I have a keeper. 

Now off to actually use that thing! It actually made its way into the craft room so I am sure it will guilt me into using it every time I'm in there.

And... my craft room was painted this weekend. Thank you my sweet sweet man! 


  1. what color is your room now? I would love to pain my craft room...but i don't see it in the cards!

  2. My task for this week is to start the crafting year with a clean slate by actually finding my craft room! That place needs a serious cleaning, tidying and culling. THEN, I'll be ready to create. Sounds like you are ready to go!

  3. What a neat husband and enjoy your treadmill!

  4. A very talented/useful hubby! You definitely keep those types!


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