August 30, 2010

My Little Girl

I am so proud of you sweetpea.

So big and ready for a new adventure of learning and sharing in kindergarten. I knew you were ready even if I wasn't. I can only wonder how this new year will turn out.

So did I cry? No... but my heart is so so happy for you.

August 17, 2010

Later Alligator

I am in a funk. err... I am getting too easily distracted by pretty lines of fabric and blogs and not enough time sewing. I have some major projects I want to finish and start, but I won't if I get online. You are all awesome and I am easily distracted! and get this... I got all excited about the Tallgrass Prairie Studio Exercise Challenge and my treadmill breaks on me yesterday. Seriously? Gah!!  So until the desert heat cooperates I'm not walking in the heat.

Whine...whine... Life could definitely be worse these days.

I have some personal and creative goals that need to get done. Other than posting my finished Scrap Happy Challenge this Friday, maybe I'll have a camera by then, I won't be posting.  I will answer emails this week, but I am on a computer fast until I see you near the end of September.

(ps The winner of my July giveaway did not respond, :( , so I had the random generator pick the winner this morning. The winner is Michelle at The Desert Quilter. Congratulations!)

August 16, 2010

Summer Vacation Swap

This is a long and overdue post due to blog laziness and no camera. I await my new camera from Amazon impatiently. I'll check the tracking ohh... three times a day for updates. Do you do this?

Tara and I had a vacation swap going on and we exchanged some goodies. Here goes the explanation...

Katie Jump Rope and some MeadowSweet in orange and lime was a no brainer. How could you resist either? My MIL said the MeadowSweet reminded her of the 70s... I guess styles in fabric really do repeat themselves.

I visited Melissa at Yummy Goods. It was just after a crazy thunderstorm. The kids jumped around in the puddles. We rarely get rain in Nevada so that was a treat. Anna thought it was exciting to meet the lady who made the unicorn stuffie. You'll enjoy her blog when you stop by. She is one of those funny, honest, irreverent, and insightful bloggers who will always tell you what she is thinking.  When I met her, she was sweet and very humble. She's amazing! She has a book out, Tara and I both have copies now, and has her second line of fabric coming out this fall.

This is a pincushion using Cape Cod Weekends by Erin McMorris.  It worked perfect with those trees. It reminds me of the bike trail that stretches along the Cape. The trail was completed when I was in high school.

I sent some honey, who doesn't love that, blueberry treats, Maine is the largest producer of blueberries, 25% of all harvested in the world, and a homemade Lavender Marigold bath ball to be enjoyed with this wine cork. If an Adirondack chair doesn't say relaxation I don't know what does. It should be the official chair of Maine like the state bird, the mosquito. ;) A Yankee Candle chapstick was thrown in there for good measure.

Tara sent me these sweet goodies. My kids and I enjoyed these immensely. I am not sure what to do with the cardboard from the popcorn treats, but I'll have to keep it's cuteness somehow! Ooo and that fabric! My son didn't appreciate the pink popcorn. He wanted blue. ;) My daughter immediately grabbed the bracelet and declared ownership. I loved it all. Thanks!

August 10, 2010

Dresden Plate Progress

I found a new tool that works wonders on the points of the Dresden plates. It's called the Little Turning Tool and works wonderfully. Much better than a skewer or the tiny screw driver I have used before. It will apparently help cover rope with fabric for bag handles too.

This red Dresden was finished on vacation and these nine-patches were sewn the weekend after I got back. I used white between them like the traditional Irish chain. This will be surrounded by an "icecream cone" border.

I have the Irish chain blocks done, but no decent pictures. I am missing a yellow Dresden, and need a few more fabrics.

Can I also ask a favor out there? I am looking to find more yellow thirties fabric. Help! It is the most overlooked and underused color and most quilt stores don't carry it. So can I bother someone for some quality yellow feedsack repros? I need about 4 unwashed 100% cotton 5" by 10" cuts- double nickels. Aunt Grace, Feedsack or Storybook are wonderful. Please email me. I want to finish this last plate and my searching isn't finding much. I would so appreciate the help.

(picture of my yellows from yucky backup with no macro? I am not sure what is up with the distortion either.)

On another note, I am also frustrated. My camera broke. I had simple point and click, but I am wondering if I should upgrade. I love to take picures, but the price tag... I guess I should invest to capture the memories and moments of the fam.  It absolutely killed me to use the crappy backup camera this weekend- I have nothing but yucky over exposed B-day pictures from this weekend. UGH! What do you think? Any ideas or advice?

August 9, 2010

A Busy Weekend...

Happy Birthday my little man!

August 6, 2010

Simple Fabric Gift Bag

I made a bag yesterday for Anna out of some  Nicey Jane fabric I had left over from the two sundresses I made the girls. I would have used a button and a loop, but she knew where the ribbon was.


Before I put the handles and ribbon on, I got to thinking it might be a fun gift bag too like this. I like to call it the "good stuff bag".


All you need is two 12" by 24" pieces of fabric. You may iron some fusible interfacing like pellon onto the fabric, to make it stiffer, but the directions are the same. Make your bag a bit shorter in height and I bet you can use a fat quarter which are usually 18" by 22". (You can vary the size, just fold the fabric in half to see the length and width of the finished bag.)


Face them right sides together and sew the shorter ends together.


Take this really big tube and lie the sewn edges together.


Sew the sides shut except for a three inch opening.


If you are super smart and you are using two coordinating fabrics, make sure this opening is on your lining fabric.


Grab the fabric and turn this completely inside out. Place one of the fabrics inside the other to make your bag.


Turn the edges of your quarter inch seam, iron them, and edge stitch the opening close.


Add a handle and some ribbon for ties. See this handle tutorial here. (I used medium interfacing instead of the batting.) Or drop the handles. You could use velcro and make it small enough to make it a fashionable wipes and diaper cover for your diaper bag so you can sneak incognito to the bathroom at a restaurant with your babe. The best part is there are no unfinished seams and need for a serger. For all you missing out on serger fun like me.

Enjoy your good stuff bag/hand bag/clutch/baby wipes cover/thing!

This is incidentally a long overdue explanation of how I finished this linen bag in one of my first Sew and Tell posts. (The two pieces of fabric I used here were 9 1/2" by 24 1/2".) Click here to see.

Simple Linen Gingham Bag

 Be sure to visit some super creative people at Sew and Tell  too.

August 4, 2010

Improv(e) Your Butt Challenge

I have been thinking of ways to motivate myself into exercising. I eat decently, but don't stay active enough to push that metabolism into any gear at all. So I saw on Tallgrass Prairie Studio and Sew Katie Did there was a challenge that would combine quilting and exercising! Whoohoo! So I signed up on a site that keeps track of your exercising. The idea for Improv(e) Your Butt Challenge is for every mile you walk you get to add a piece of fabric to your quilt. The best part is it is improv and I haven't done that either. So here goes...I am in and start today...

August 3, 2010

My Summer Vacation

I didn't want to be the zillion other people on Flickr who upload 278 pictures and then ask you to wade through it with enjoyment. In my head is the image of the Veggie Tales Song of the Cebu slide show. In my pictures you won't find many scenic boats, beaches or lighthouses. There are only so many images of landscapes you can take in a place you are familiar with. Instead, on vacations and in most shots, there are pictures of people and smiles rather than stuff and places anymore. Fifty years from now I probably won't remember the name of the  beach, but I will remember the loving family member I spent it with.
My happy pictures...

August 2, 2010

Tumbleweed Quilt Shop

I had to take a few afternoon excursions with the kids this vacation. They wouldn't nap unless they were completely exhausted and cranky so taking a car ride usually got the job done. DH was usually happy to oblige, as he got some down time in the car with them too.

On one of these trips, I visited Tumbleweed Quilt Shop in Barnstable and met its wonderful manager named Mary. Check out her blog here. All I can say is wow! If you get a chance to visit Cape Cod this is the shop to go to. 7,500 bolts of designer glory. 'nuff said.

I think these are Fassetts...and *all* of your favorite designers. (there are 3 more rows/stands of fabric behind this!)

Tumbleweed Quilts Barnstable

Thirties fabrics... Here is the first half. More reds, oranges and yellows are around the corner.

Tumbleweed Quilts Barnstable

Wool and novelties...

Tumbleweed Quilts Barnstable

Batiks and Embroidery threads...(beyond is a section dedicated to polka dots!)

Tumbleweed Quilts Barnstable

Samples of quilts in all varieties...

Tumbleweed Quilts Barnstable

Lots of precuts...enough for me to hide behind them...(My five year old took this picture! She had to have a picture of the bird mobiles.)

Tumbleweed Quilts Barnstable

One happy momma... who found the rest of the Katie Jump Rope she wanted, the one that was stalking her here in this post.

My Katie

And two sleepy children who slept sweetly... oh so sweetly!