February 26, 2010

A Boy And His Hedgehog

My seam ripper worked overtime this week and now I have a cold. I plan to spend the rest of today wrapped up in a blanket in the loft watching the kids play. It can't be that bad when you have sweeties like them around. Plus QuiltyBee had a fabulous fabric giveaway and I was the winner. I love the philosophy behind it, use it or share it!  I can't wait to use her fabric in a new journal cover. Thanks for the chance! I'll be sure to share it here. In the meantime, I need to go through my stash and revaluate too.

This week I had a little project for Sew and Tell. Andrew has this hedgehog Webkins stuffie called Spike, of course. He plays with Dad and Anna, with her Cocker Spaniel Polly, on Sunday afternoons. Mostly Dad plays, but Anna, at five, is getting very good with the mouse! I've been seeing a lot of artwork with mushrooms and hedgies, so I been throwing the idea of making one the last three weeks. There are a few cute patterns with felt, but I wanted something bigger as a stuffie. I found one this week.

It is a Lila Tueller design and is a free pdf on her sidebar at this time. Her mushrooms are a lot more girlie and are perfect for pincushions. If you like these colors you should check out her giveaway. It's beautiful too. Mine is made in colors for my little man.


It came out pretty cute and my little man was playing with it all day yesterday. It's base is made of linen and it has light interfacing on the bottom to make it flat. It calls for the base to be all rice but I only used about a half an inch and filled the rest with polyester stuffing. I am not sure what Robert Kaufman polka dot that is. I am going to try it again, since it came out huge, and reduce the pattern. (I think my printer inadvertently increased the size.)

Anna's Woodland Bloom quilt, an older Lila Tueller fabric line, will be done next week, hopefully without anymore seam ripping. It's come along way from this.

Woodland Bloom 9 patch
I am going to cuddle up with the rest of this redwork this weekend.

So go visit Sew and Tell. There are more talented and crafty people than me out there.

February 24, 2010

Springtime Apple Blossoms

I had a terrible sewing day. I had to rip out 180 inches worth of border during naptime. I also sliced my knuckle with a rotary cutter. I accomplished nothing when all three were asleep. Ahh!

This afternoon, I glimpsed this.
Springtime is around the corner!

February 22, 2010

Monday Meanderings ( I love linen. )

I found tiny little linen mice for a shelf or two.

Coasters and cozys for my coffee and tea. 

Hedghog dollhouses, oh the cuteness.

 Bags and baskets for my goodies.


Something to keep my tasty treats.

Something just for fun.

Found these all at Lammymade. Does anyone know Japanese? I wish I did.

February 20, 2010

Wonky Heart Winner

Thanks everyone for participating. I've met some many nice people out there in blog land. It's fun to see what so many people are doing with their creative time. I wish I could visit everyone every day, but three kids and a husband limits that time just a little! So I put a bunch of post-its with everyone's name in a hat, all old school like, and ...
Wonky Heart Bookmark

the winner is Michelle. Email me your address and I can get that in the mail for you. I hope you enjoy it.

February 19, 2010

Ouchy Pouchy Mistakes

I had a slow sewing week. I made this.

It came out lopsided. I had way too much lining too! Details, details, details...

So I made this.

They definitely tasted as well as looked better. Why can't everyday be a cinnamon roll morning?

So go visit Sew and Tell. There are more talented and crafty people than me out there.

(Bookmark winner will be announced tomorrow. You may still enter here.)

February 18, 2010

Squeak and Spike

Are these so gosh darn cute or what? Betz White has this hedgehog pattern in her etsy store.  The mice are as cute, but you know how partial I am to the hedgies.

I don't know much about wool felting, but I had to share.

February 16, 2010

Giveaways, Giveaways, Giveaways

Card holder from adorableoriginals.blogspot.com

Last weekend I entered Jessica's giveaway for a business card holder. I didn't think I would win as usual, but I liked the look of her creations and desperately needed a better place for my math tutoring business cards. I decided to have a giveaway myself for fun on Monday and behold I won her card holder. I love it!! Thanks Jessica! She has lots more great items in her etsy shop Adorable Originals.

My husband laughed and said maybe it was karma.

Don't forget to enter the Wonky Heart Bookmark giveaway of mine here in this post. I'll be announcing the winner Saturday morning.

Plus amylouwho is having a decorative pillow giveaway on her site. So check it out and enter away!

February 12, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day Sew and Tell

I had a very unhappy accident in the kitchen. *Stay with me.* My ruby red mixer had a glass fall on it from the cabinet above and smashed on top of it. It has multiple paint chips and scratches through the paint. ARGHH! I sighed for a while cleaning up all the glass. Then I thought about my sewing machine and how it didn't have a cover either. I saved, saved and saved some more for it. (I went a year without a sewing machine to do this.) Poor thing was getting dusty and help me if little hands played with it.

After defacing it with Hello Kitty it needed more love. 

I had been putting the zipper carrying cover upside down over the machine. Who is going to lift and put their machine away? I'm much too lazy for that! Oh yeah, the dealer wants you to buy something else. Well... I'd rather spend it on fabric than gadgets!

So I made this cover.

I based it on the Moda tutorial here, but as usual I had to take an easy project and make it ridiculously difficult. I embroidered some redwork hearts in variegated thread Ruby Slippers by Crescent Colors. (Super Bowl time)

I love heart buttons.

I guess I never made anything for the other one I had, because I yelled at it too much. I'll make a more plain cover for my mixer soon.

Don't forget to enter my Valentine's giveaway here in this post! I've used fabric from this project.

I've been posting all week about Valentine's projects. Check them out. I am not sure why I am so into it this year. We usually swear off the cards, candy and going out. I'll snuggle under a quilt on couch watching a movie with hubby. Cheap date, I guess.

Happy Valentine's Day!

So go visit Sew and Tell. There are more talented and crafty people than me out there.

February 11, 2010

Dad, you need to carry a stick!

Anna has been begging me to take some pictures of her and Andrew. She is so excited about her bike. The rule around here is you have to be five to get a bike.

I am not sure whether Andrew realizes I am taking a picture of him or the scooter.

Anna, of course, totally hams it up for the camera as usual.





Dad, you know you are in trouble!

February 10, 2010

Valentine Apron Skirts

This weekend we decided to recycle some ripped up jeans that still fit Anna. I looked at a lot of tutorials and came up my own. They are made like an apron.

Here is before:
Apron Skirts- Before Picture

Here is after:
Apron Skirt
She loves her new ruffly skirts. I bought a third yard for each and an eighth yard for the band. It was more than enough.

I love this next picture because Andrew has a "Come on man, don't smother me with your love look".
Apron Skirt - Anna and Andrew

Andrew really does love his sister.

BTW, for all of you with snow. Don't be jealous. That is artificial turf. I wish I could keep a lawn like that. It holds up better than real grass under 110 degree heat in August!

Happy Love Day!

Don't forget to sign up for my Valentine's giveaway!

February 9, 2010

Paper Heart

This was fun project that we made with the kids. They chose their favorite pages from a kids catalog and I cut them into these paper hearts. All you need is an old catalog and some staples. I also found a use for the invisible thread that jams my sewing machine.
Paper Heart
Laura has a great flickr tutorial on her sidebar that was easy to follow if you want to try it. They are addictive and we made about ten of them to hang on our ceiling lamp above our kitchen table.
I thought I'd share this brilliant idea!

Happy Love Day!

Don't forget to sign up for my Valentine's giveaway!

February 8, 2010

Wonky Heart Giveaway

I was messing around the sewing room and came up with this. I had a lot of ideas and I came up with a wonky heart bookmark. I took a lot of one inch scraps from the latest doodling around and sewed them on some felt. I thought that this might be fun to do a little bigger and make some cute coasters next time. The best part is it's yours for the taking! I'm giving it away!Wonky Heart Bookmark
Anybody can enter! All you have to do to win is to leave a comment on this post before 6pm on Friday 19th February. If you already follow my blog you are automatically entered, and if you decide to follow my blog I will enter your name into the draw again. Please make sure I can reach you. I will choose another winner if I can't.
Ok, enough with the fine print. I want to thank you for all of the comments you leave on my blog, they are always a joy to read.

Happy Valentine's Day!

February 5, 2010

Can you taste the fabric goodness?

These were special cards made for a special someone. The kids picked out the fabrics since they were grouped together in my stash. Anna picked the pinks and reds, insisting that Andrew couldn't use girl colors. He, of course, had to use the hedgie print. It didn't hurt they were a fun red and aqua set. They wrote their messages inside.

They were from quilthome.com and from sewdeerlyloved on etsy.com.  There are some Sandi Henderson, Tanya Whelan, and bunch of Michael Miller fabrics. I can't wait to actually use them in a quilt.

 So go visit Sew and Tell. There are more talented and crafty people than me out there.

February 2, 2010

Cherries Dawg

Cherry Quilt
At least that's what my 5 years old wants to call it. All because of a cherry leaf with a puppy. To say she loves dogs is an understatement.
Cherry block
I found this pattern on Happy Zombie and fell in love with it last summer. I hand appliqued the cherry blocks and tried out a stem stitch for the stems. *giggle* The funny part is the leaves aren't attached to the stem. I appliqued the leaves without thinking. I'm too lazy to fix it. I'll just call it whimsical and artistic, right?
Cherries Dawg
The big question is whether to handquilt it or not. Hmm. It is small enough that I will get it done sometime this year.

What do you think?