December 19, 2010

More inchie goodness during FNSI

Just in case anyone was wondering what happened during FNSI, I was putting together some one-inch squares. My favorite is the Gnome Claus and the peppermint-like fabric. Here is to hoping for some bright winter sun tomorrow, instead of yucky rain clouds, so I can share my sewing efforts this month.


  1. Inchie goodness. Cute. Cant wait to see more shots of it.

  2. So cool!

    Rain, huh? Well, at least I don't have to feel bad for missing the desert sun, since you're not having it. It was sunny here today in Newton.

  3. Only one inch, huh? Sure is neat, and I agree, the Santa is adorable. So, you might be in my neighborhood, we've had rain for 3 days, and projected forecasts say 2 more are on the way...

  4. Wow, they are small! What a neat project!

  5. Love those bright colors with the white!


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