December 13, 2010

Label Question

Do you have a favorite marking pen for quilt labels? I'm thinking about a sharpie fine point, but that just scares me. I need to mark my initials and the year. Any ideas? I would embroidery, but I am pressed for time. I can get to an evil chain store tonight.

The last few days I have had lots of practice with quilt bindings. Geesh, I might start to like it.

p.s. This weekend I've made so many cookies I might not eat chocolate and sweets for a month! Well maybe...


  1. I have used the pigma pens before...

  2. I have used pigma pens also. I have used a fine point Sharpie and it worked fine. It did fade a teeny bit when I washed the quilt, but it still is very readable. It didn't smear or bleed at all, but I worked quickly with the pen to make sure it didn't. Good luck!

  3. I've got one right here on my's a Pigma Micron 05 pen (black). Not sure what the 05 means but that's what it says. Works nicely for labels on fabric.

  4. I worry about the bleed from a Sharpie. I like to do my labels with an Identi-pen available at quilt shops or Joanns. Also the micron pen is a good one...P. the 0.5 refers to the width of the felt tip. O.5 is a good one to start with, 0.8 is too fine for writing on fabric and the nib will likely get squished. Good luck!

  5. I use a Pigma Micron pen for my labels. Once you heat set it, it is permanent-- no bleeding or fading. I have a friend who uses Sharpie fine points, and really likes those. But beware to only use black! She tried the colored ones, and they all faded really badly in the wash (to the point of unreadability).

  6. I have marked a label using one of those indelible pens used for writing checks, and I've used a Sharpie.


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