December 9, 2010

He peed on what??

OK, this is totally gross and I can see why you would second guess even following my blog. I need to rant! I promise I will blog for the 5 or so days it takes for it to not show up on my homepage. Well maybe...

My dog peed on our subwoofer when we dropped Anna off at school. He is out for two hours before this so he has no excuse. It, of course, had to be on that new shelf we just bought. It's now warped on the bottom shelf since we found it hours after the deed was done. I picked up the subwoofer and loveliness poured onto my new socks. He aimed right for the bullseye. Frack! Not to mention the other deposit that Zoe stepped in. Thank the Lord she was wearing socks. Both sets of socks are offically retired!

You love your dog, but then he has to totally mess up on you that 5% of the time. Am I the only one who has this problem? I love him, but I want to scream and yell at him too when he does things like this. No I wouldn't do that, but it took strength not to scream a stream of nonsensical words of anger at him. I saved it for the carpet. A bit of crying at the mess helped.

ON the other hand, Santa baby, we need a new subwoofer. Could it get any funnier than that?


  1. Okay, I know it's disgusting, but I really couldn't help but laugh. Such is life with our pets. We have a cat. He likes to leave deposit fur balls every now and then. Ahem.

  2. I guess he showed that sub-woofer who was top dog!

    Sorry for your mess though.

  3. I am so sorry to hear about ur subwoofer, one time we had a kitten who did not know how to find the box when it was doodie time... yes he made the mistake of doing it on some fabric, needless to say he found himself being an outdoor cat.I was not mean just put him outside and he stays very close to the house.

  4. Agh. Sorry to hear about that. With many animals and 3 kids I am so over finding urine where it shouldnt be.

  5. Oh.My.Goodness!!!! I am still laughing out loud...the way you wrote that just cracked me up!!!
    I bet Santa will bring you a new one...
    subwoofer that is... LOL! Santa says, you keep the puppy!

  6. Oh no LOL. I'm a new follower, love your blog, talk soon

  7. oh Kristen! that's so sad and hysterical at the same time!

    And, it reminded me of the time we were camping (in a tiny little pop up camper) and it was raining... well, my little guy never liked going out in the rain, but that time he peed right on the quilt that I was hand quilting.... and suddenly that camper got a LOT smaller!!!

    Hope Santa brings you a new subWOOFer - and a new shelf to put it on... maybe up a little higher?

  8. Could have been least it wasn't the BARCalounger!

    Bad pun I know!


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