December 15, 2010

Domestic Goddess

Doesn't that sound so much better than 'Mom cooking in the kitchen all weekend with her flannel pajamas'? The cookies are off and done.  I was slightly annoyed that Mr. Happy cam home with the big tins from Walmart on Sunday. I think my jaw dropped when I saw them. I make them because I know how hard it is to make homemade stuff with a full-time job. It rarely happened for me so I hope his coworkers like the thought. I think I made 12 different batches. I'm too tired to actually list them.

I actually lost a couple of pounds because I forgot to eat lunch a few times. Too busy...must make cookies. Julie's pretzel tutorial at Jaybird Quilts and Hershey Kisses Peanut Blossoms are some of our favorites. Can't go wrong with chocolate and salty goodness.

I made more than a few from my treasured Williams-Sonoma cook books. Especially love the oatmeal cookies. They are the only cookbooks I want to have in my closet. I have two so far: Baking and Cookies. I like no-fail/idiot proof recipes and I haven't been disappointed.

They don't nearly get enough use! What more could a girl want? Ok just thought of another title- Desserts....
and.... Ebelskivers, Comfort Food, Kid's Parties, Donuts, Pizza, Breakfast and Lunch, Cupcakes, Cooking from the Farmer's Market... They even have a fun kids book called Cooking Together.

I love how each of the books are broken down into specific categories. These are worth the twenty dollars!

I always hate those ones you get at Barnes and Noble on the discount rack. They have a lame soft glowing light around some beautifully manicured food and like a fool we fall for it. Most of my Italian ones had beef and pork recipes that we don't eat anymore. Half  of the recipes were useless. (I don't eat those meats anymore because our cholesterol levels dropped significantly when we did and our tastes changed when we did.)

My other thought is go thrifting, buy some old cookbooks and take a peek at the slightly dirty recipe pages. Aren't those the favorite pages in your cookbooks? Never trust a clean recipe. My bread book's best page is the cinnamon rolls minus the icing marks!

My best solution to wasting money on cookbooks was a Food and Wine subscription. I think this is our fifth year. We eat mostly from scratch, not the picky kids, and you can print any recipe you want free off their site. You can enter random recipes like beets, remember this post, and get an awesome recipe. Staff picks are usually awesome.  Our Thanksgiving was nothing but recipes from their November issue a few years back.

Know of any great food sites? What are your favorite cookies this time of year?

Ok, back to eating what wasn't given away. I might make more after a couple of days of naps. Santa would be disappointed if we didn't have some waiting for him. :)


  1. Wow, those tins look amazing. I'm going to have to try those Kiss Peanut Blossoms - they look and sound delicious. I mostly get recipes online now. I have a huge recipe book collection. One I really love my husband gave me last year for Christmas called The Bon Apetit - Fast, Easy & Fresh Cookbook. My only objection is the actual size of the book - it's too fat to fit in my book holder, so I have to lay it on the counter and get it all dirty, haha.

  2. Your cookies look yummy! I love cook books and have to stop myself from buying them ... often.

  3. My go-to cookie recipes at Christmas are a bunch of recipes that all start with packaged sugar cookie dough - lots of different add-ins make about a dozen very different cookies! It's a good way to get a variety of cookies with a minimal time investment - which is usually all I have to give!

  4. i would LOVE and appreciate a tin of cookies from you guys!! I am sure they will be enjoyed. I have been enjoying..hold your breath..martha stewart recipes. i have been doing the 30 minute ones, she is one crazy lady. but, i have enjoyed 90% of her recipes. I am working on making my own cookbook at never ending task with 2 little ones. how you do it all with me. merry christmas! -Becky


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