December 1, 2010



Somehow I feel better about the progress of my hexagon quilt by counting the hexies. They are in groups of 6 and 25. Since Sept 1 of this year, I have made 906! Only 300 or so to go. Hah hah...only. They went into the box again after Delores the T-Rex arrived.

I am going to stitch them together in "blocks" beginning in the New Year. An especially enthusiastic Thank You to that special person who sent me some special 5 inch-ish charms! They will be in hexagon form by the weekend! I am in awe of her American Jane collection!

The Scaredy quilt is being quilted and should be finished in a week or so. I have not forgotten my Dresden plate quilt. It is looking more like a top lately. I'm not going to feel guilty about ignoring the sewing machine and having unfinished Christmas goodies.  I'm going to go take some Dayquil and get some rest. A sinus cold seems to be the other Thanksgiving tradition here. We dropped from the high 70s last week to freezing temps. I should have expected it. Such is life...


  1. Congrats on getting so many done! It's amazing to see them all. Feel better soon. (I love Dayquil)

  2. I love your hexies and I am impressed that you have made so many. Rest up and get to feeling better! My ears are feeling congested, so I will likely do the very same!

  3. this is going to be such a terrific quilt! i love american jane and i love hexagons! match made in heaven!! feel better soon!

  4. Oh my, but those hexies look like little jewels! And you've got the cutest hexie inspector giving them the once over. :-)

    Hope you feel better soon!

  5. ooo, get well soon!!! Your hexies are so impressive.

  6. Your hexie stash is awesome. I would like to make a hexie quilt but my mind boggles at all the work involved, cutting out not only all the fabric hexagons but the paper hexies and then hand stitching them all together!

    You go girl! The end result will be awesome!
    (get well soon)


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