November 1, 2010

Halloween Costume Making

We went shopping for costumes last weekend and were disappointed at the offerings at the store. I really thought I could get out of costume making this year, but no luck. We immediately went a fabric store and bought supplies to make some goodies. I think I looked at the pile of fabric and freaked out. I made these without a pattern, couldn't find any, but in Halloween costumes, unlike real clothes, accuracy really isn't that much of an issue. So....

here is the Hello Kitty picture I worked from.
I saw the skirt and thought of a tulle tutu and lots of Dresden plate wedges. I made some wedges wider, by winging the measurements. Satin is fine to work with only if you have a walking foot and I had to glue down the wedges with fusible web since the wedges didn't iron well. This was the most time consuming part of the project. There is a certain point on the iron setting where satin will melt! This was forgotten about at first since I am always working with cotton. A see through fabric (?) with glitter was added to hide any imperfections on the satin wedges. A very thin zig-zag  finished the edge of those petals. A wide ribbon was folded over to finish the raw edges and use as a bow. There is a button in there to hold it together, because the satin would slip loose.

Now the tutu... I use the generic no-sew tutu for underneath. This was so much fun to do, once the pieces are cut. You can sit in front of the TV and mindlessly slip knot all the tulle. I variegated the tulle and used 2/3 yard of each.

You can add all sort of ribbon and, in my case, a Hello Kitty tail! It has wire braided inside of the chenille to make it curl. (This type of wire is used for landscaping vines on trellis and is the texture of bread twist ties so it won't pinch. I also used duct tape on the possible pinchy part so it won't work its way out of the chenille.)

The costume was finished with a headband I covered in the white chenille. I traced an enlarged picture of the bow and ears from coloring pages. I love how the bubble gum Kona looks. It's the perfect Hello Kitty pink.

At this point it was Wednesday? Forget the Jedi costume, do not.  Hmmmmmm.

I was sooo glad I made a cape for Andrew the day I got the fabric. It's a very cool velvety fabric that was on sale! I ruffled the hood and sewed the top and bottom. The bottom was finished with a blind hem and the hood with a french seam. I ran out of fabric and did not make sleeves, but have you noticed Anakin doesn't have sleeves on his? I did not realize the top was so complicated and ran out of fabric again. The tabards are sew at the top to the outer tunic. There is no obi. Oh well. The belt didn't include a clasp or those food pellets. He isn't going to join the Legion.  Research these items, I did!  Herh herh herh.

I got some great ideas a the Padawan's Guide and I am contemplating a family getup one year!

Even with all the imperfections, they love their costumes.  I am sure they will bounce around the house in them on a regular basis. Zoe didn't have a preference so she became a fairy princess. Thanks for the costume Nana! It certainly was hard enough making two. Here are some favorite pictures of my little man and his sisters. They make my heart so happy!



I'll leave you with a fierce all knowing Jedi look.



  1. So cute! I've really got to make some costumes one year! Thanks for stopping by our blog and checking out my quilt!!

  2. The Jedi-eye is priceless! See you tomorrow morning! Hey, I won $55 on a quarter slot tomorrow, so I'm all set for a fabric purchase - woohoo!

  3. Oh my goodness.... These are so cute. They will remember the love and attention that you gave them in making these special outfits. My kids look at the pictures and point out the years that I made the costumes.

  4. Kristen, once again you never cease to amaze me. You are so very talented!!!! I used to make costumes for the boys but nothing as elaborate as your handy work. I just love the expression you captured on Andrews little Jedi face...what a treasure! Both Anna and Andrew gleem with pride at what their Mommy has made them:) Zoe, well she appears to be going along for the ride. What a gift you have with those little muchkins:) Mom


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