November 18, 2010

Project In Process and Random Stuff

Don't you love this cute fabric?  The kids immediately called it the Scaredy Squirrel fabric. It's part of my current zig-zag quilt project.

It must get finished during the Friday Night Sew-In. What are you working on?

I am also currently drooling over this hexagon quilt.

Hexagon Quilt by Isabelle Etienne-Bugnot

Is it as amazing as I think it is? The hexagons are appliqued on a border of linen.

This came in the mail too! I am going to make an Irish chain with it in the spring!! :) Thanks Patty!

It just a generic picture, and not mine, but I hide the camera's memory card from the kids. Apparently I can't remember that special hiding place either! Don't you love that! It's why I have two of everything like my seam rippers.


  1. I love that "scardy squirrel" fabric too!

    PS I may sound stupid and very well may feel stupid when I find out the answer to my question BUT What is an Irish Chain?

  2. OK - so what is the real name of that Scaredy Squirrel fabric? I've got a niece with a squirrel fetish, and this would really tickle her fancy.....

  3. i love the little squirrels, they remind me of the little red ones that are nuts! the hexagon quilt, that is just too crazy! -Becky

  4. The squirrels are too funny and oh my goodness, is that your hexigon quilt!!! It's amazing!! I love how the colors all mingle together!


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