November 12, 2010

Autumn Pinwheel Quilt / Zion National Park

I actually finished my pinwheel quilt top. It was more traditional fabric that had been kept around way too long. I didn't like them and had to use them. I flipped back on forth on whether I was going to like the result. Now I realized why lots of these quilts have solid blocks in between. Lining up the points on those rows between pinwheels is too much fun! I had tell myself to stop worrying about cutting off corners.  Finished is definitely better. Mr. Happy loves it and so it will have a dark blue solid mixed in with yellow and chocolate brown for the backing. It originally was part of a quilt along, but I decided I can't ever quilt along. It usually becomes a lag along... so no more. I will quilt at my own pace and love it.  This was started this in January.  My five year old took this picture! So any bets on how long it will take to quilt and bind?? I am so not a one project girl!!


I am adding this to Amy's Sew and Tell this week. Be sure to stop by and enjoy the creativity. Now... why the autumn quilt?

This was finished the weekend before we went on a family vacation.


We go for a weekend at Zion National Park every fall. The weather makes the park different each time. We usually hike Weeping Rock, the Emerald Pools and the Riverside Walk. Anna and Andrew both walked all of these and were amazing- little gazelles. On the day we left, Andrew said we should stay and hike some more. Yes! Instill love of nature and hiking into the little ones. Done.

I love all that color. Surprisingly, the yellow color of the quilt top was the dominant color of the trees. Mixed with that sky and rock... Now I love that quilt too because it reminds me of our annual autumn trip. These pictures pale in comparison to the vibrant colors we saw.









  1. I have always loved the yellow and blue combinations. The pinwheel blocks really make it!

  2. SOOO PRETTY! love that combination too! yikes on the length of quilting and binding! good luck!

  3. I definitely see where you got your inspiration from, and it's beautiful! Love the pinwheels in that color palette. Pretty pictures too. Looks like a gorgeous place to visit in the fall.

  4. I love pinwheels! Your quilt is really beautiful!
    Have a fun time away!

  5. What wonderful photographs of a great weekend. I like the quilt too and am pleased that you are settled to working at your own pace - by far the best way, this is a hobby, not a competition after all :)

  6. this is so pretty. i love the colors. your daughter takes an amazing picture. you are so good to do one project at a time. i have so many that need to get done.

  7. Love the quilt and the pictures from your vacation look like fun too!

  8. It's a beautiful quilt, and I hope you get it finished soon - it would be a shame to let it sit in a stack somewhere!!

  9. That quilt is crazy beautiful! :O I love it! You did such an amazing job, especially with the way you combined/laid out those different fabrics. Again - beautiful!!!

  10. Love the pinwheels - the quilt is beautiful. I hope that your family had a great time at Zion, maybe I'll make it back there someday. What great fall colors in the scenery and your quilt.

  11. I love the quilt! I was at Zion a long time ago, so I know how pretty it is.


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