October 25, 2010

Monday Meanderings

I am plugging away on the Halloween costumes. I bought yards and yards of pink tulle and some wonderful brown fabric that will work for a mysterious brown cape.

Our Fall Festival at school was fun. It tired everyone out and made for some good sleep. There were balloons, games and jumpie houses. Ok... it was a lot of waiting for each ride too!

Fall is my most favorite time of year when it comes to weather here. It is beautiful! We have been enjoying the outside more and Zoe constantly escapes outside to play with the dog. She pets the dog on the back and says, "Ahhhh...Cute!" We have to lock the screen door to keep her inside while I make dinner. Her brother and sister yell when she just stands in front of the door now. We need to get to the Mt. Charleston this weekend. Can you believe a view like this is 30 minutes away from Las Vegas!?

And another beautiful view...

Little Bluebell is giving away an entire Bliss fat quarter pack.

I never win huge giveaways like this, but maybe you'll have a chance!

I may be starting a zig zag quilt this week, but I need to make those costumes. See them soon, you will.


  1. with over 700 entries, I'm not going to win either, but here's my wish for you to!

    the picture is beautiful and don't you just love fall festivals and parties!

  2. I figure, someone's got to win, maybe it will be me!


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