October 18, 2010

Monday Meanderings

This a chair from Jodi of Ric-Rac. I would love to make one of these days! She is also the creator of the selvage dress.

And... Oh and heart of hearts... this sweet little guy!

I working on a happy tack board for Anna's room. I didn't work on it too much for the Friday Night Sew In. The ribbons are take longer than I thought they would. It should be done later this week.

My forest of basil is growing very nicely! Yum. I made pesto and froze it last summer, but nothing beats the fresh leaves. I made corn on the cob with it on the grill. With a bit of salt, garlic and butter, in foil, it is delish! They are growing amazingly well, 2 feet high and more, in the shade of our lemon tree.

We have Kadota figs growing in large amounts on the fig tree. I am not sure what to do with them since they are not Black Mission, but I am sure we will find something tasty. Has anyone made homemade fig newtons?

One of our non-fruiting olive trees is being naughty and reproducing. We saw a bird the other day picking at them on the high branches. In our country the olive trees aren't suppose to grow on the trees. It has to do with pollen counts and the dry weather. All of the trees were certified to be non-fruiting and therefore have less pollen. I have no idea when to pick and eat them, or if you even can eat them directly off the tree, but Anna has fun pulling the olives off.

We are finally having some good rain. We had a downpour today and this interesting cloud cover.

It created this double rainbow in our back yard. It's faint, but it's there.

And an addition to my post! I won a giveaway at Mom Loves 2 Quilt. A Oh Cherry Oh jelly roll that I thought I never would be able to make anything with. (I discovered it after the line had sold out in most places. I want to make a larger version of this.)
Thanks Patty!

See you all later.


  1. I enjoyed the lightning show last night. :-)

    As for your olives, I don't think it would hurt you to eat them, however, I don't know when they're supposed to picked. Some of those you're showing look pretty good though.

    Yes, basil is one thing that grows well here. Very cool about your fig too.

  2. Yummy basil!!! A double rainbow is just so fun. Have you seen the famous YouTube 'double rainbow' vid?

  3. I don't know much about olives, but I remember reading somewhere they have to be cooked or pickled or something to taste good. I am enjoying looking at your flikr photos from Friday. Amazing!

  4. Your basil looks oh so yummy. And that chair is fabulous!


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