August 16, 2010

Summer Vacation Swap

This is a long and overdue post due to blog laziness and no camera. I await my new camera from Amazon impatiently. I'll check the tracking ohh... three times a day for updates. Do you do this?

Tara and I had a vacation swap going on and we exchanged some goodies. Here goes the explanation...

Katie Jump Rope and some MeadowSweet in orange and lime was a no brainer. How could you resist either? My MIL said the MeadowSweet reminded her of the 70s... I guess styles in fabric really do repeat themselves.

I visited Melissa at Yummy Goods. It was just after a crazy thunderstorm. The kids jumped around in the puddles. We rarely get rain in Nevada so that was a treat. Anna thought it was exciting to meet the lady who made the unicorn stuffie. You'll enjoy her blog when you stop by. She is one of those funny, honest, irreverent, and insightful bloggers who will always tell you what she is thinking.  When I met her, she was sweet and very humble. She's amazing! She has a book out, Tara and I both have copies now, and has her second line of fabric coming out this fall.

This is a pincushion using Cape Cod Weekends by Erin McMorris.  It worked perfect with those trees. It reminds me of the bike trail that stretches along the Cape. The trail was completed when I was in high school.

I sent some honey, who doesn't love that, blueberry treats, Maine is the largest producer of blueberries, 25% of all harvested in the world, and a homemade Lavender Marigold bath ball to be enjoyed with this wine cork. If an Adirondack chair doesn't say relaxation I don't know what does. It should be the official chair of Maine like the state bird, the mosquito. ;) A Yankee Candle chapstick was thrown in there for good measure.

Tara sent me these sweet goodies. My kids and I enjoyed these immensely. I am not sure what to do with the cardboard from the popcorn treats, but I'll have to keep it's cuteness somehow! Ooo and that fabric! My son didn't appreciate the pink popcorn. He wanted blue. ;) My daughter immediately grabbed the bracelet and declared ownership. I loved it all. Thanks!


  1. im so jealous! i grew up eating old dutch potato chips. i also love that pin cushion!!! what a neat thing to do!

  2. "The mosquito the official bird of Maine"! Priceless!! lol
    Good post and thanks for the link to Yummy Goods. Off to check it out and that fantastic looking book! I have an addiction for craft books just like that one!

  3. Thanks for the back story on your great items.

  4. Cute pincushion.
    Hey wait a sec, the mosquito is Manitoba's unofficial bird! Wow that sucker really gets around! (The official is the Great Grey Owl, if you're curious)


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