August 30, 2010

My Little Girl

I am so proud of you sweetpea.

So big and ready for a new adventure of learning and sharing in kindergarten. I knew you were ready even if I wasn't. I can only wonder how this new year will turn out.

So did I cry? No... but my heart is so so happy for you.


  1. Aw, she is so adorable! It's been 16 years since mine started kindergarten but I remember it like yesterday, right down to what she wore and what her backpack looked like. It's a big day!

  2. That first day is so bittersweet!! What a beautiful little girl you have!

  3. She looks ready to take on the school yard.

  4. How did she grow up so fast!!? She was only a baby yesterday!

    Have fun at kindy!

  5. She is a sweetheart, and boy must you be proud of her!


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