August 17, 2010

Later Alligator

I am in a funk. err... I am getting too easily distracted by pretty lines of fabric and blogs and not enough time sewing. I have some major projects I want to finish and start, but I won't if I get online. You are all awesome and I am easily distracted! and get this... I got all excited about the Tallgrass Prairie Studio Exercise Challenge and my treadmill breaks on me yesterday. Seriously? Gah!!  So until the desert heat cooperates I'm not walking in the heat.

Whine...whine... Life could definitely be worse these days.

I have some personal and creative goals that need to get done. Other than posting my finished Scrap Happy Challenge this Friday, maybe I'll have a camera by then, I won't be posting.  I will answer emails this week, but I am on a computer fast until I see you near the end of September.

(ps The winner of my July giveaway did not respond, :( , so I had the random generator pick the winner this morning. The winner is Michelle at The Desert Quilter. Congratulations!)


  1. Thank you so much Kristen! Obviously since the giveaway was over (or so we all thought) I never expected this. :-)

  2. Seriously, everytime i check out your site i think to myself...oh what fun i would have if all your goodies were is a cute little side street shop! -Becky

  3. oh man...i can SO relate to your funk right now.
    i have bought more fabric and spent more time online in the past 3 months than ever before. ENOUGH. must get to the machine!

  4. Congratulations to Michele. Very fun giveaway too! Thanks for doing this.


  5. Congrats, Michelle!

    I totally hear you, Kristen. I have spent way too much time on my butt in front of the computer and not enough in front of the sewing machine (or outside) lately. But today I made 9-patches out of all your giveaway '30s blocks! So much fun!

    Enjoy your blog break!

  6. I totally understand where your coming from regarding the internet taking up too much precious time: eg sewing time! I will eagerly wait for the end of September to see all the goodies you have made.

    Have a happy "catch up" time.


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