August 10, 2010

Dresden Plate Progress

I found a new tool that works wonders on the points of the Dresden plates. It's called the Little Turning Tool and works wonderfully. Much better than a skewer or the tiny screw driver I have used before. It will apparently help cover rope with fabric for bag handles too.

This red Dresden was finished on vacation and these nine-patches were sewn the weekend after I got back. I used white between them like the traditional Irish chain. This will be surrounded by an "icecream cone" border.

I have the Irish chain blocks done, but no decent pictures. I am missing a yellow Dresden, and need a few more fabrics.

Can I also ask a favor out there? I am looking to find more yellow thirties fabric. Help! It is the most overlooked and underused color and most quilt stores don't carry it. So can I bother someone for some quality yellow feedsack repros? I need about 4 unwashed 100% cotton 5" by 10" cuts- double nickels. Aunt Grace, Feedsack or Storybook are wonderful. Please email me. I want to finish this last plate and my searching isn't finding much. I would so appreciate the help.

(picture of my yellows from yucky backup with no macro? I am not sure what is up with the distortion either.)

On another note, I am also frustrated. My camera broke. I had simple point and click, but I am wondering if I should upgrade. I love to take picures, but the price tag... I guess I should invest to capture the memories and moments of the fam.  It absolutely killed me to use the crappy backup camera this weekend- I have nothing but yucky over exposed B-day pictures from this weekend. UGH! What do you think? Any ideas or advice?


  1. If you can afford the expense, definitely go for a DSLR. You might find a bargain offer, as you don't need the most recent model.

    On the other hand, a decent point-and-shoot goes a long way, particularly if you don't need a substantial tele lens. I am still working with a Canon G5 bought in 2004, and still love it.

    The Dresdens look nice with the nine-patches and white in between! It's always interesting to see how everything turns out ...

  2. it's going to be one gorgeous quilt Kristen! :)

    As far as the camera -- I have an entry level DSLR (the Nikon D40X; I think it's the Nikon d60 now).

    I love it.

  3. I will have a peek and see what yellows I have and let you know if I have any you dont. Looks great!

  4. We have a Nikon D60 that I love to use, it's really easy - but I also have to admit that my cellphone takes very good pics, and I can take the memory card out and load the pics directly onto my Mac for editing. Lots of the pics of my granddaughter on my blog have been taken with it, and I think they are very good! The cell doesn't do so well on indoor pics of fabric, the color gets off whack sometimes, but outside, it does great.

  5. Lovin' your plates! I've been thinking of making a few.
    Sorry no help with the camera. Hope you find one that makes you happy and doesn't cost and arm and a leg.

  6. That is going to be one gorgeous quilt Kristin. I've never seen a Dresden Plate interspersed with other blocks. I love it!

  7. I have three yellows that you don't have, and I am going to my LQS tomorrow. I could check it out! Blessings!

  8. Your quilt is coming along quite nicely! I will keep an eye out for possible yellows for you from my stash but I can say right now that yellow is one colour of fabric I am in short supply myseslf! lol If I have some its yours though as I dont use yellow much for some reason.

    Camera advice: DSLR is the right direction to look. If I won xlotto I would be looking at a digital slr. Richoh or cannon.

  9. Your Dresden Plate & 9-patch quilt is looking so nice!

    I have given you a Versatile Blogger Award, Kristen! Check it out here:

  10. Your Dresdens looks wonderful! I will have to check out that turning tool...looks great!

  11. it is already so fabulous...can not wait to see the finished result! And about yellow fabric, in May I realized my stash was seriously lacking yellow, and I started to look for some...but alas, aside from Katie Jumps Rope, I have not found any I really like.


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