July 6, 2010

Week 10: Dresden Plate and Scrappy Happy Summer Challenge

If you are looking for the giveaway post it is here.

I am throwing around more layout for the red and aqua quilt. I am thinking about a different idea entirely, but you will see something at the end of the month. I am not going to blog weekly about my plates until August. I might have something to share then. But Michelle posted this picture of her Great-grandmother's quilt here. I love that look! The plates and ice cream cones look great together.  So I am definitely going to do that border for the thirties version of the Dresden plate quilt. The quilt will have 5 plates and some scrappy patchwork. The 6" nine patches will each be of one color, but 5 different 2 1/2 inch squares of fabric. It will take a while to cut, but I think the look will be perfect. Here is my fantastic sketch.

Yup. You see why I quilt instead.

When cutting the these Dresden plate wedges from fat quarters, you get all those seemingly worthless scraps. Waste not want not. See the extra bit below the ruler.

First cut

They are seriously small, but I saved them. I started to sew them together the last couple of weeks. I alternated thin and wide ends when piecing. From each "stack" of sewn pieces, a strip was cut as wide as possible. They aren't the same widths, but who cares. It became a wonky coin quilt.

wonky coins

I will be getting playing around the edges with some perle cotton in red 321 and a blue 747.  At least it isn't too big to make me hot and irritable in the summer heat. It measures 15" by 22". Each strip is 2.25 inches, give or take a quarter or two.

wonky coin quilt

I also made some progress on my 1 inch hexagons. I hand appliqued them on linen and added some DMC 321 embroidery thread.

hexagon pincushion

Denyse Schmidt hexagons

One will be staying and the color wheelish one will be going, as a pin cushion, to a sweet owner of my LQS that is retiring and the store will be no more. :( She is the friendliest nice lady with an amazing staff. I will miss her. I learned how to really quilt there so it makes me super sad thinking about it.

World Cup Fever anyone? Go Spain! I leave you with the mental image of my five year old daughter yelling GOALLLLLLLLL! Zoe at 14 months has learned to do it too! It is too funny when all three of them start yelling it at the same time.


  1. I did see Michelle's quit and it is just amazing! I'm really interested to see yours come together. I love how you fussy cut the hedgehog. It's adorable!

    Yeah I have the fever!! My neighbor can hear me yell GOAL... the games almost give me heart attacks! My team was crushed by Germany. Argentina... :o(

  2. Your hexies are just fabulous.

  3. I love your wonky coin quilt! What a great way to use the scraps and your hexies are inspiring me... I might need to try some!

  4. Great idea of how to use those tiny scraps! The little hexagons are dear, too.

  5. Lovely red & aqua going on over there!!! The hexes are darling and I love your wonky coin quilt from the scraps.

  6. What fun creations! My daughter is complaining at me since I save all those little pieces, but look what can be done with the crumbs!

  7. I love your blog, thanks for visiting mine! 1" hexagons - wow!

  8. That is such a great idea for the scraps! I love red and aqua! Those Hexies are adorable!

  9. Those little grandmother's garden flowers are to cute. I may have to try a few. What a great way to use up the dresden plate scraps. Cute little coin quilt.

  10. That quilts going to be another great project! Made with tiny scraps! My hubby laughs at my scrap saving and if I throw away really small snippets of fabric he will tease me terribly.
    Love the hexies too and can we see a pic of the finished pincushion before it leaves?


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