July 14, 2010

How to Make an Inspiration / Bulletin Board out of Homasote

The Christmas in July giveaway is still going on here in this post.

I, Kristen's husband, was enlisted to assist with putting this board together.  I did not realize a guest posting would be an additional component, but here goes...

This is a really neat way to make a custom inspiration/ bulletin board for your studio/office with fabric that matches the style of your space.  After completing this project, I still have a little board left that I may use for a second application in my own office.

OK, so here are the details so that people with the inclination and technical expertise to take on such a project can complete it.  Here are the materials you will need, all of which are readily available at your nearest orange or blue home improvement store:

1 Homasote board (usually comes in a 4' x 8 sheet)
Hand saw
10-12 Wood screws (1 1/2" is a good length)
10-12 Finishing washers
Staple gun w/staples
Fabric and batting for covering the board

If you really want to make sure the board stays put when you are done, you have to make sure to locate the 2'x4' studs in your wall using a stud finder so you know where to place the wood screws.

Putting the whole thing together is really not too tricky, even if you have never worked with wood before.  First, figure out the size of the space you want to put the board in and how large a piece you want to cut out of the homasote board.  I recommend using a regular hand saw for wood rather than a circular saw.  This  material is easy to cut since it is a compressed fiber board.  You want to make as few cuts as possible (two max)  so that there are as many clean edges as possible. You can use some sandpaper to smooth the edges if you need too. It is dusty so try to do it outside or in your garage.

Lay batting and fabric on the board. The batting sticks very well to the board and you can use multiple leftover scraps without any irregularities showing. Leave 4-6" of extra fabric and batting to wrap around to the back.


I personally didn't iron the material, but Kristen did. She ironed the batting and the linen when it was laid out on the board. I did get suckered into using her rotary cutter to trim the extra material.


Use your staple gun like a ninja every 6" or so around the edges, pulling tight. You might also want to trim the batting on the back of the corners a bit so there isn't excessive material to cause them to look frumpy and not lay flat. 


Use books, chairs, or anti-gravity devices to lift your board into the position you want it in.  Our board, at 3 by 5 feet, was heavy and needed the support.  Make sure it is level and centered, otherwise you'll be annoyed at yourself later.


Using the marked locations of your 2'x4' studs behind the wall, HAND screw in your screws and finishing washers.  I found using a drill started pulling and twisting the fabric, which was definitely bad.  The studs are usually every 16" or so, which is a good distance for holding the board up. We had studs in odd places here so we didn't have too much of a choice in the placement of the screws.


Enjoy your finished board and start tacking away! We will link this to Amy's Sew and Tell this week. Next project is painting the rest of the sewing room...


  1. I love these boards. I'd like to do a whole wall in my sewing room using these...just need to clean to be able to do so. LOL!


  2. Hey, I put one up at school using Liquid Nails, bot you can't change your mind when you do that. This board works great, maybe I should consider one at home, thanks!

  3. Need one of these! Thanks!

    PS Another job for hubby! I'm sure he will thank you too hehe!

  4. Ooh, could you pop over to UK and put me a design wall up please?

  5. Love this idea, but I can't find the Homasote. I get a very strange look at the Hardware store when I ask for it. Does it have another name? Thanks for sharing. Happy Sewing! :o)


  6. I'm moving my sewing area soon and I think I need one of these! Thanks for the tutorial!

  7. love that your hubby "guest" hosted the blog that day!

    the board looks fabulous and wishing it came in a super, super sized version at my house!

    can't even imagine the expense on that one! lol

  8. What a great board! Good instructions too!

  9. go hubby for making such a cool board!!! thanks for the tute

  10. That is perfect to organize all your stuff on. The tutorial is easy to follow. Thanks for sharing!

  11. You are very kind to post for your wife and to provide such great instructions. Thanks so much!

  12. Thanks all... The board is sound board and I believe it was made of compressed paper. It was under $30 for a 4 by 8 ft. board. We cut it down to 3 by 5 ft! Super inexpensive project to try. I think the fabric cost more than the board!!

  13. Hi Kristen's husband! (waving!)

    Thanks for the great set of directions. I've bookmarked this blog article for future reference.

    P.S. I got a giggle out of the anti-gravity machine remark. ;-)

  14. That looks like a great addition to any sewingroom.

  15. I really need one for myself. Thanks for showing us how,



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