July 2, 2010

Hot and Spicy

I went on a cleaning rampage this week. Two ants in the kitchen and I mopped that floor like a crazy mom.  I also cleaned my sewing room and saw I had a table underneath all those bits of fabric and junk! Within 15 minutes that night, I couldn't see it again. It's a regenerative fabric mess! It was cleaned to put up a fabric bulletin board that I will share with you next week. I actually got my husband to use a rotary cutter!! I so took pictures!

These potholders have been popping up here and here, and I wanted to make some manly ones for Father's Day. I also don't want to feel guilty about using them. Black potholders hide the yucky gunk that can accumulate over time. Plus, you can free motion them without perfectionism guilt. Yes, I have been practicing!


Ok, these are a little late for Father's Day, but I waited on the binding until last weekend. Can't blame me, right? Hand quilting was added to the wonky letters.


They are about 9 inch square, but I thought bigger is better and I got carried away with the wonky lettering. It took more fabric and time than I thought to make them. I left grommets off since we just stick these in a kitchen draw anyway.

How do you get around the problem with the Insul-Bright pilling when quilting them? A lot of white fuzz showed on the black backing. I used a smaller needle, but that only helped a little bit. Plus, I think the mylar lining really dulls the needles. I kept hearing a punching noise as I free motioned.

I practiced zig-zags and opened seams. 

Potholder Unfinished Back

I want to make this beauty. I think the points came out better too.

Make sure to visit  Sew and Tell. There are more talented and crafty people than me out there.  I also have a giveaway here if you would like some summer reading. Winner announced Monday.


  1. Sew cute! Thanks for sharing. Happy Sewing! :)

  2. Oh, what a good idea! I think I'm going to make my hubby some BBQ mits like those, thanks for the idea!

  3. These are great!! Very manly too ... thanks for sharing!

  4. Wonderful! Every time someone shows off her beautiful new pot holders, it brings to mind my shabby ones. Yep, I need new ones too, but don't have time to make them yet. So no peeking in my kitchen drawers.

  5. Caliente!!! Very cool and wonderful fabrics!!

  6. Lovely bright potholders! I especially like the one with word "hot".

  7. Cute stuff! I need to make me some potholders, too!

  8. those pot holders came out great!!!

  9. What a great idea to hide the "gunk" with black fabric. This are so fun!

  10. These are adorable!!!! Very cute! Thanks for sharing!


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