July 22, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Whew, I am home! I did all the laundry in 24 hours and emptied the suitcases too. Usually they sit around for days. You know what I mean. We had a super special trip visiting with family. I was all motivated to blog on the trip, but you know how that went. I will share some pictures soon. Promise. This morning Zoe woke up a 3am ready to go thinking that it was 6 in the morning. Whoohoo! I wanted to eat lunch for breakfast. I had leftover pasta and cheesecake at 9 am. Whoops! Yummy.

A pvc pipe in our sprinkler system broke while we were away. The neighbor who lives across the street, (a plumber too), saw a flood from our backyard. He could see the water seeping into the street behind our backyard brick wall. Yikes! He turned off the pressurized sprinkler main. This is good and bad. Good, because our water bill wouldn't be huge and bad, because we had a 3 day stretch of 110F + days of heat before the garden got watered. See yah vegetable garden... Sigh. I did whine and swear a bit. On a good note, I do have some melon plants left and found a few cherry tomatoes. A friend watered the garden Monday and saved our fruit trees, olive trees and bushes. I am thankful it wasn't worse. I am so glad we had someone watching the house.

We also found out our small carry-on that we checked in, we bring too much other kid stuff to actually carry it on, was inspected and opened by security before it was placed on the plane.  A little paper note was placed on top of our junk. Why right? Note to self and others- Do NOT jam pack carry-on suitcase with nothing but books from Nana, special rocks that the kids found at the beach, every charger and adapter you own, a hairdryer and a laptop. Dense square blobs, the Disney books, and wires probably turned heads a bit on the x-ray machine. I bet you they relaxed when they saw a stuffie and some sewing junk too!  At least I can feel safer that someone did their job well!

Talk to you soon. I am going to have the rest of that cheesecake with my lunch/dinner and take a nap!


  1. Welcome home! Well done on all that unpacking, that's a rotten job.

  2. Unpacking is the pits! It takes me a few days to do it too!

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  4. Welcome home and glad that you successfully unpacked.


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