June 15, 2010

Week 8: Dresden Plate Party

No Dresdens this week. I've been jamming. I've been working on other UFOs and 16 pints of yummy apricot love. You need four pounds of apricots and a lemon to make 4 pints.   I was all motivated to take pictures and blog about the recipe. I'm not. I realized this recipe is from a stitcher from Australia called Lenna. It's called Little Green Cottage Designs. She has a wonderful tutorial on how to make this jam, great pics, and some sweet embroidery projects on her blog.

I have 4 lbs left and I am out of jars. Any yummy apricot recipes out there?

What have you done this week on your Dresden plates? I have a pile of squares and some blocks I will get squared up soon. They are staring me in the face and scaring me. One wrong cut with the rotary cutter and...

I am not using the linky anymore. Just comment. I love hearing what are you up to.

ps. I was thinking of using some happy Moda charm squares to cover the lids. I think I will buy some happy red gingham today.


  1. Mmm, such yummy-looking jam! It's so pretty lined up on that checked tablecloth too.

  2. Pretty! Jam is both yummy and decorative. :-)

  3. Love apricots, love apricot jam...wish you could have an apricot giveaway vbg, enjoy, Lis x

  4. Props to you on the jam-making! It's just as worthy as sewing, if not as fun. I LOVE apricots and jam!

    Would love to see pics of your sewing room sometime.


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