June 1, 2010

Week 6: Dresden Plate Party

I have finished 4 aqua and red blocks and two 30s vintage look blocks.The pink one has been finished for a while now.


I am working on the blue one this week.


If you look carefully, the Aurifil Mako 50 thread hide the applique stitches in these wedges very well! I adore that thread!

I am also thinking of dropping the yo-yo's and bordering each of the red and aqua blocks with 2 inch squares. I also want to add a traditional border. I would have to figure out how do bias binding on the curves. New skills are good to learn.

I also want to share an image from Anna Maria Horner's blog. Aren't these chairs gorgeous? I love the use of Dresden plates and vintage blocks all mixed together. You can read her post here.

I am seriously kicking myself about the five dollar chair I overlooked at a yard sale a month ago.

I couldn't help it and bought some of the Good Folks line. I think I enjoy her fabric so much since it is such a celebration of color!

On another note, we spent the 3 day weekend relaxing. We ate BBQ, corn on the cob and apple pie. We watched a baseball game on Saturday.  How many gummy worms can two children eat!? Sometimes events are all about the food for them. We also met Cosmo! He's suppose to be an alien for the Vegas 51s.

I hope you had a good week! What have you accomplished on your Dresden Plates? Leave a comment or link up. You can also drop some pictures in the flickr pool here.


  1. Your Dresdens are just lovely! It's fun watching your blocks come together.

    Wow! Those chair seats are awesome.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog during the festival and thanks for your lovely comments. Your Dresden Plates are beautiful. So many wedges!
    Celine in UK

  3. those chairs are so cool!!! im still a dresden addict...did you hear quiltique is having a huge clearance sale fri/sat?


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