June 28, 2010

Summer Reading Giveaway

Do you have a fabric stash or books that you really liked at the time you bought them, but now ask yourself what was I thinking? I really think we buy things and skill sets increase or tastes change. What was a good fit years ago, doesn't match who we are anymore.

I would love to give these books, soft cover pamphlets actually, to someone who would love them and use them! They are gathering dust in my sewing room and that is just wrong! I would be happy to give it to someone who is just quilting or someone that is helping someone quilt for the first time.

The first book is the Turning Twenty series. There is little waste in the 20 fat quarters that are used for the quilt. They are super simple and I can believe how someone could finish a large quilt in just a few hours. Sure, IF you are not interrupted by random child wants and pressing issues like, "Moooommm, he took the pink crayon and that is NOT a boy color!" "Moooomm, she's put my toy in the toilet water!" Or dropping everything and finding out what this Dr. Seuss conversation means. " Stop! Stop! Stop!" " No, no I will not stop!"

The next book is 48 traditional quilt blocks that are made with templates for potholders. I think you can easily convert them to rotary cutting directions. My favorite name for one of the blocks is Contrary Wife. *giggle*

The last book is an applique book with some step by step directions on multiple ways to applique. I like the pattern, but I'll never get around to it.

So here's the deal. One winner takes all and leaves one comment. That's that. Maybe leave me an interesting comment about what you are working on this summer or help me decide what to do with a Christmas jelly roll? Ohh, the undecisiveness...

You can follow me or blog about it if you want to, but only if you want to make me smile. No extra entries, OK? I'll announce the winner on Monday next week. The next few weeks I will be giving away fabric, new from this season, and some handmade goodies. They will be yummy!

(Leave your email address if you use another format of blogging. I would be so sad to have you come up as the winner and not be able to contact you. Same with you "no-reply bloggers";)


  1. These would be great to use with my friend Tina who is just learning to quilt. The jelly roll- how about a new table runner or fun potholders to give away as gifts, valances for a room, etc.

  2. I'm hoping to help my niece learn how to quilt this summer, and that first book especially looks like it'd be handy. No ideas off the top of my head on the Christmas jellyroll, but I know you'll come up with something awesome!

  3. I'm working on spicing up my kitchen. I bought several fabrics from the new Early Bird line from Cosmo Cricket. Potholders, cloth napkin holder, plastic bag holder and more.

  4. Hi! What a great giveaway. I am a new quilter and this summer I am working on my quilting skills. I have started a little quilt for my grandson and for my first time it isn't so bad, if I say so myself LOL.


  5. I would absolutely love to have these, especially the potholder ideas. I am a wannabe quilter that keeps buying material, and then hesitates when I have to cut into it. I need a few small, and relatively easy projects to build my confidence. This booklet looks like it could be just what I need. The Turning Twenty looks like the next step up.

  6. So I'm in the begining quilting stage and I'd so love those books they're awesome! Currently I'm working a half square wall hanging and I need to bind a controlled crazy quilt (My first!!!)

    Thanks for all the great posts!


  7. Some of our beginner quiltmakers in our church quilt group could really use these patterns, and of course I have a stash of old FQs that could benefit from the Turning Twenty treatment :-)) Please count me in the draw! Di

  8. What a lovely giveaway. I'd like the applique book for myself - I'm terrified of it and useless at it, there must be an easier way to do it! My sister is new to quilting so I think I'd share the ideas in the other two books with her if I was lucky enough to win. I wouldn't give her the applique book because her handstitiching is superneat and regular and she's sure to be better at it than me!!

  9. I have been wanting to learn applique, so this would be perfect! Thanks!

  10. This is an amazing giveaway! I sure need some summer reading and projects to make for Christmas too. Thanks!!

  11. My daughters and I would love these books. My 7 year old just made her first Churn Dash block today. I'm working on a Farmer's Wife quilt, Womens' voices, Amy's quilt along, and a blue and yellow sampler quilt. Oh, and my name is Kristen. I started reading quilting blogs about a month ago and bookmarked yours. I have been enjoying it.

    (who has to post as anonymous because this blog won't accept my wordpress name. http://krisvog.wordpress.com

    kvogel at davisp dot com

  12. I'm working on my first quilt. Thanks for the great inspiration. Happy Sewing! :o)

  13. im working on a stitch along project at the moment.
    thanks for the cool giveaway
    i blogged about it and im a follower by the way

  14. Ooh I'd love to get my hands on that turning 20 book, and I've been admiring your potholders, so I would like to look at that one, too and applique is always fun! I feel your pain about the Christmas fabric - I bought a Christmas honey bun the other day and have to come up with a way to use it! A table runner isn't a bad idea - maybe a braid pattern?


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