June 30, 2010

Scrap Happy Summer Challenge

I am making a few things out of scraps for em's scrap challenge. I started with some really small scraps. It also feels good to take a bit out of fabrics that you are waiting to find the perfect project for.

The hexagons are from one and a half inch squares of fabric. I had to break into those Katie Jump Rope fabrics somehow. I won some of these scraps at Meg's blog, the Mad Quilting Librarian, a few weeks back. I figure out how to baste them properly from Melanie at Texas Freckles.When basting, you don't go through the paper template. Whoops!

half inch hexagons

The rest of my lovelies are finished at 3" or 4". I varied the sizes based on the initial scrap. I "framed" them with neutral linen.

more possible pin cushions

One of them became a pincushion last night.

strawberry polka dot pin cushion

I have a red and aqua scrap project I'll share with you next week. Maybe these will morph into something fun other than a bunch of pincushions. My book giveaway is still going on here.

Go visit em's scrapbag and see what the other happy scrapper's are doing.

Scrap Happy


  1. These are fabulous!!!! What a sweet pincushion. Thanks for joining in the fun!

  2. holey cow these are uber cute!

  3. all cute stuff Kristen!

    (and uh oh... I didn't know you didn't go through the fabric!) ;)

  4. Everything looks so cute! I want to play around with my scraps now!

  5. Sweet hexies, even sweeter little pinnie! Where do you find the 'not through the paper' basting tute? I just had a look around Melanie's blog to no avail....

  6. Your tiny little treasures are so adorable!!! I am really loving the linen "frames".

  7. In reference to Poppyprint's question, I think I was wrong. Melanie thread does go through the hexie paper. She do have adorable hexies! I am not sure where I saw it now, but it sure saved cutting out templates!

  8. Lots of people do stitch right through the hexagon paper--I think they stitch faster that way, but then you have to remove those stitches later. I also use the method where you don't stitch through the paper. Great work!

  9. I have been looking for pincushion inspiration (my girls snipped holes in mine) but havent seen anything that caught my fancy. That last picture did it, a ticker tape pincushion. thanks.

  10. beautiful hexies! i have so got to give them a go real soon!. thanks for visiting my blog ♥


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