June 10, 2010

Free Motion Dropout

I still cannot wrap my brain around free motion quilting. It's like asking my five year old to tap her head and rub her tummy at the same time. Both result in giggles and failures! My stippling remind me of little Lochness monsters and the stitch length is terrible. Yes, I know practice helps, but ...I do! I practice on lots of sandwiches, that's  fabric pieces with batting between them for relatives unaware of quilting terms. The practice seems a waste of good thread and time because I like perfection too much. I don't want to wreak my quilt. With hand quilting, I can pull out the last terrible stitch without too much guilt.

I prefer straight line stitching with the walking foot. Every stitch is the same and without worry. I saw wavy line quilting last week and thought, "Hmm..." Could I do that with the walking foot? Apparently you can, at maximum sewing machine speed while twisting the fabric at 45 degrees to the right and the left. I realized I looked like Dwight Schrute on his fitness orb... in front of the sewing machine. So wrong...

Quilted Lecien  My Folklore with Walking Foot

I like this organic look if that the word? I am wondering how it would look on a regular sized quilt.

I'll show you what I did with this tomorrow because... the dog ate my homework. No. My camera battery just died and I haven't taken a picture of the finished product. Until tomorrow...


  1. I understand Kristen. I'm a FMQ newbie and have a lot to learn. I can really appreciate your feeling about the "imperfection". While I know (hope) my FMQ will get better over time, I finally realized, I have to look at it as a different style of quilting; I can't expect the same perfection that the machine itself can do.

  2. I'm a free motion drop out (for now) as well. My aunt recently just learned and she started by free motioning on paper w/o any thread and then worked her way up to sandwiches with thread.

    Your Dwight comment cracked me up!

  3. I love free motion, even if mine is messed up and all over the place, just love running around the quilt with the machine;)


  4. Wine (the kind that comes in bottles, not out of a 3 year old). Wine helps.


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