June 5, 2010

Cirque des Saturday

I been working on UFOs this week. I haven't been blogging about stitching so I thought I might do my Cirque Des Cercles on a weekly basis to get it done.


May progress- Cirque des Cercles 5/31


June progress- Cirque des Cercles 6/5

We went to the local farm and checked out what was available. There is a ton of crops almost ready. We found some peas, potatoes, apricots and zucchini. Our own potatoes are flowering in the potato box and the second box is ready to be hilled. In other words, nail new 2 by 4 boards and add dirt until you think you killed the plant. (I have no idea what I am doing, and it will be a miracle if it works.) They should be ready soon. My tomatoes are a foot high and they are flowering in some beds too.

La Ratte Fingerling Potato Blossoms

We also decided, in addition to the dirt we bought at the nursery, we should buy a sprinkler. It's 102F today and that's a bit hot especially when you are wandering around a farm. I enjoyed myself a bit in the water too.

Sprinkler Fun

Next time we will try bathing suits. 

Our Old/New Kitchen Chair

And that last pic was just for fun.


  1. That "before" piece is a stunning piece of stitching, but the "after" piece didn't show up :(

  2. Very intricate stunning piece. I had to look REALLY hard at the before and after pics to see the difference, but there is one. :-)

  3. she's a cutie! (how old is she?)

    That is such a gorgeous stitching. I saw the first one the other day... and the after really is amazing! Nice work!

  4. 102'!!! I think we are in the low 70's still. We dont get up to 100 very often.


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