May 2, 2010

so sick

My kids have been cycling through a stomach bug since Tuesday night. My husband had the choice luck to be away at a Denver for a conference since last Wednesday. I am exhausted and I have it now. I won't be blogging this week at all. Too bad the kids can't feed themselves.

Talk to you soon.
Blogging from bed,


  1. Oh you poor thing. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. I'm sorry you're sick. Get well soon!

  3. So sorry. Hope you and your family get well soon!

  4. So sorry the kids are sick!

  5. Rotten luck to be sick while Jesse is swanning it in Denver. How do I know this? Because he came and introduced himself to me before my session! First, kudos to him for going up to a strange lady with "You don't know me, but...". and second, HOW COOL WAS THAT! I was completely floored! The world is certainly small! And it's no word of a lie when I tell you that that was the best thing that has happened at this conference so far! I'm so glad you asked him to come by! I love the internet - you meet the nicest people here! Hope you feel better soon!

  6. Sorry to hear you are sick. Don't worry about blogging. We will still be here when you are better.

    PS love the sick dog pic!

  7. That is why God invented poptarts and juice boxes! LOL

    Get better soon!
    The dog picture is way over the top funny!


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