May 24, 2010

Fabric Collections Stalking My Wallet

Katie Jump Rope...


Hope Valley....

{images from Denyse Schmidt Quilts}

Far Far Away 2...

{image from heather ross}

Good Folks...

{image from Anna Maria Horner }

These are the fabric collections that are stalking my wallet after the Blogger's Festival and Quilt Market.  Inspiration is everywhere!  I will be looking through these posts for weeks...

What fabric collection is stalking your wallet? Thanks for making me think about this Tara! :)

What quilts should I not miss?

Thank you for visiting me and leave such wonderful kind words. I am overwhelmed...and I will try to visit you soon.  

Don't forget that the giveaway ends this Friday! I'll show a finished product using Aurifil thread this Wednesday.


  1. Castle Peeps (lizzy house) and FFA 2 are also battering my hatches. must resist. but i probably won't!

    oh wait! and what about the new Urban Chiks!! Im not even sure what it's called but if it's Urban Chiks, Im sure to love it!!

  2. Ha! Love the title of this post. That Katie's Jumprope is starting to stalk me, but I MUST resist. No etsy sales = no funds :(

  3. I am in love with the Hope Valley fabrics as well! Although I am not sure I could refuse any of these fabrics...

  4. I seriously think you have caught the fabricholic bug. Welcome to the club! lol

    I am in love with a Moda range but cant remember the name of it! :(

  5. I like the Hope Valley collection too.
    We have a town with that name, so it is fitting.


  6. LOVE Hope Valley...and if you know where to find any more Katie Jump Rope...I'd love to know...I heart those fabrics too!


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