May 13, 2010

Do you think Mettler thread is terrible??!!

So where have I been? Anybody read this book? I feel I have been the last to know about it. I would say I have been inspired by it, but I just found it yesterday! I love the polka dots! Is the book any good? I am requesting it from the library today just based on this cover.

I have an oddball question. I went into my local quilt store and they had Mettler 50 wt. thread on sale for 60% . Yes, I bought ten of the spools, they are so pretty, and I am thinking of going back for some more. The saleslady said they were switching to Aurifil  and explained how it was so much better.  Less lint ect. Is it really better? Or is the profit margin better for them since you are buy a huge spool of it versus a smaller one?  My thoughts say to follow the money...

The funny thing is that Bernina has Mettler on all their literature and this store is a dealership.

What do you think?


  1. LOVE that book. It's on my wish list and I keep borrowing it from the library. I think I would like to make every project in that book, seriously!

    As far as thread goes, I've always heard good things about Mettler but I personally use Guetterman. I tried it first, it works well so, I stick with it (Plus I can get it at JoAnns with coupons!).

  2. I covet this book!! I'm hoping to get it for Christmas this year.

    I have only herd good things about Mettler threads. So don't really know what the whole difference is. Maybe the quilt store got some promotional freebees?

  3. I purchased a huge lot of sewing and quilting stuff on ebay last year(there was an old quilting design book I had to have). When the box arrived inside was a new box of Mettler threads. Just about every color-over 30 spools. I had never heard of the thread but LOVE it. I will not use anything else.


  4. I have the book. It has a different cover to the one you have shown. Publishers must change the cover designs for some reason but I hope its not to trick us sewists into buying two copies!! lol. The book is fantastic for quilters and fabric lovers who will make lots of quilts when they get to retire someday! So I give it a thumbs up.

    I have used Mettlers cotton threads for nearly 20 years. But only because I cant get a hold of Guttermann thread which is the best. When I first started using Mettlers it was nearly as good as Guttermann but the quality I feel is declining.

  5. I have the book, and love it.

    I used to use Mettler, and now use Aurifil. It is that much better... I will never go back.

  6. Sometimes you have to look further than the price. After you have experienced Aurifil you will never go back. I have only used the 50wt as that is all I have had access to but I just so love it. Also when hand piecing you need a good quality thread that you are happy with. Less Lint is always better for your machine and your quality of stitches :-)


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