April 14, 2010

Mom, The Fix It Lady

Ever have one of those days...

I went to a well check at the pediatrician's office last week and this week all the kids are sick and crabby. So am I. One is teething and doesn't want to let go of you. I put her down and "Wahhaaa!" I have kids whining over which Cheerios bowl is "bigger" and I have to play a shell game in front of my three year old and five year to give out the cereal. Then it's, "No, I don't want that cup." Tears... Then "No, he had a pretzel on his head. No, he had a macaroni on his head! Macaroni! Pretzel! Macaroni! Pretzel!" Wahhaaa! I want my bottle! Yes, yes, your milk is warm. "No, it was a Macaroni!" (Cloudy With Chance of Meatballs movie if you are wondering.) Crap, my coffee is cold and my eggs are made with burnt butter.

Then the "fixed" dryer starts doing its scraping thing again. And the wash was dirty because I put the large load in with the small water setting. I now have to redo the load and lay out all the clothes to dry. I really want clean undies. They make a mess on your bed, the ironing board and wherever you can put wet clothes on hangers. This is where I cursed the fact that Las Vegas doesn't believe in basements and I don't own a drying rack. Must deal with dryer later, baby is whining for a nap and the kids are yelling at each other.

I then wonder if the dishes that don't go in the washer have been there since Sunday...

BTW, they are exhausted from the movie and being sick, but don't take naps and get even grumpier and don't eat dinner.

Later that night, when my husband is out supervising 5th grade orientation night, I realize he has no collared shirts ironed! I decide to look up schematics and realize, when I tried to fix the dryer with hubby that weekend, the stupid piece was put on backwards. It goes on the bottom, not the top. Plus, the replacement part of felt that we paid $20 for, isn't returnable and is the wrong part. Then, while the top and front of the dryer are in pieces, and I am holding the front of the dryer from ripping off the wires, I get a major nose bleed. That shirt needs to be washed. At least I'm in the right room. I'm thinking Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor, but I won't let this dryer win! The last sewing machine I took apart, I made worse. I put the silly piece of grey felt in the right way this time.

Now the dryer is working and I have this.

And dry clothes.

Ahhh... Here's to all those days....


  1. I started laughing half way through your post and then felt guilty :) in case you really were having a break down! lol

    Life's fun isn't it?

  2. Oh my dear. Having survived many such days, I have learned to ask for the rest of the crap that's coming to just go ahead and hit my fan, 'cause now I'm in the mood for it and can cope with it. LOL

    Glad the dryer is fixed, kids eventually get bigger and fix their own meals and Las Vegas is warmer than where I am in the winter! Hang in there!

  3. I remember those days. You deserve a larger bowl after going through your day. But you came through it with flying colors.

  4. What a crazy day! Praying the kids feel better soon.


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