April 27, 2010

Week 1: Invite your friends to the Dresden Plate Party Sew Along!

Piles of 30s Goodness

This week we will be picking our fabric, peeking around for inspiration, buying a template and inviting our friends to this Dresden Plate Party Sew Along. I want this group to help provide support to finish these great blocks!

I am committed to finish all of my blocks by this summer. I plan to sew and applique one block a week until I am finished. Don't you love how scrappy this block can be? I am making one quilt in modern fabrics and one in traditional 30s fabrics! Both make me so happy!

I have been busy cutting fabric and making messes this weekend. For each block you'll need some fabric scraps, size depends on template measurement used, and a background fabric about 20 inches by 20 inches to square up later. Find your fabric this week and share in our flickr group and next week's link up.

There are many different tutorials out there. I will have a full tutorial, on methods I use, next week. If you anything like me, you've searched for some already! You've probably peeked and got lost in Flickr too.  Moda has a tutorial by bitty bits and pieces that is wonderful. Oh, Fransson! has just finished a monthly sew along block and Bloom has an idea that works great with charm squares. Another way for you to complete the block is to paper piece it by hand. There are so many possibilities. Pick out which method is best for you!  There is a paper version here, but I personally love using the plastic template as it gives the precision necessary in this block. 

The template I use is a Stack-and-Whack 18 degree fan ruler. It makes all the sizes you'll see. Ask your quilter friends. They may have one from this type of quilt. You can find it here. It's on sale too! How great is that?

18 degree fan ruler

To start off this party, we need to let our friends know they are invited too. Blog about this party and grab the button to spread the word. To get one lucky person started, I will be giving away a fabric pack of enough red and aqua fabrics to make a aqua and red Dresden Plate block.

Red and Aqua 5 by 10 inch cuts

There are twenty 5 in by 10 in pieces of fabric and a center polka dot fabric included. You pick your own favorite background from your stash. I will announce a winner next Tuesday. Isn't this fun!

These are the ways you can enter.

1.) Leave a comment below and tell us something interesting about yourself. (1 entry)

2.) Be a follower. Comment that you did this. (1 entry)

3.) Blog about this giveaway and new group. Then link back to this page. Add two more comments below. (2 entries)

Don't worry if the last two comments look silly duplicated. I will be choosing the winner by a random number generator only based on these numbered comments.

You can join the flickr group The Dresden Pate Party Sew Along or if you have completed blocks you may join the Dresden Plates in Quilting flickr group.

Join the Party! (If you are not a blogger yet, you can still join. Enter your Flickr photostream's web address.)


  1. Something interesting, hmmm... This Friday is my 5 year wedding anniversary and we are going away for a long weekend!

  2. Was I really supposed to make a comment for each of these? And this is my second for the blog...

  3. Yes!

    It is the only way I can make sure to assign a number to each comment,entry, to use the random number generator!

    Thanks for joining!

  4. Okay, something interesting: We'll go with the obvious (if you saw me in real life). I'm probably one of the tallest women you've met. But not in a weird way, if that makes any sense. Sort of like Sue what's-her-name from Glee, only probably a little taller. Julie Child tall.

  5. Oops, I meant Julia...Julie's the one who wrote the blog, LOL.


  6. Blogged and linked. Is that it?

  7. Interesting thing about me...hmmm...I guess I will go with two. First, we are home school parents. We currently home school our 11 year old but we have also home schooled our older kids (19,22) for 3 years. Second, I used to be very shy. Not many people wold believe that now though lol.

  8. Something interesting.... I back-packed up the west coast when I was 19 with 3 other friends.

  9. I'm still trying to decide if I want to join the party and if I do this will be my first major quilting project!

  10. Kristen,

    This is going to be so fun! I will have to pass due to time constraint, but I will be following with great interest on the sideline, wishing I could join.

    Thank you for letting me know you saw my Sweet Picket Fence quilt in the magazine. :) You made my day!

  11. Something interesting about me = I had a dream last night that I lived in a fabric store, and only came out at night to sew and play with fabric ... to the confusion of the store owners :D

  12. Hmm, how did I forget to mention that I'm a follower?

  13. I should totally be sewing upstairs rather than being on the computer right now, but I can't resist all the beautiful plates I'm finding!

  14. I don't blog(if I did, I'd have not time for sewing!), so I linked it on my flickr Dresden album =)

  15. I don't blog(entry 2!), so I linked it on my flickr Dresden album =)

  16. And I am following!!! =D I love these fabrics so much lol

  17. Seriously, I so wish I could join and make these squares your red and aqua square is amazing! Something interesting about me....I am addicted to fabric!

  18. Something interesting about myself...I am right handed, but I play pool left handed (my older brother also has this "talent").


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