April 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Zoe!

We have a family tradition of making outrageously themed birthday cakes. Andrew and Anna already have their order in with the baker, me.

I started pretty normal like everyone else with the chocolate layer cake. Anna fell in love with Blues Clues and the chaos began.  I usually spend weeks, with them, deciding which cake they love on flickr the most. Depending on their particular toy fetish, I go from there. These are the results.

My homemade birthday cakes
For the faux fondant and buttercream recipe I used Peggy's Baking Corner. I regularly use her fondant made of marshmallow. Very easy to work with, and tastes good. I think I'll graduate and use the real stuff next time. What I really would like to do is take some Wilton classes at Joanne fabrics.

I made her a birthday shirt. A very simple cut and paste with whatever fusible adhesive I found in my sewing cabinet.
Applique first birthday shirt

Zoe had a Hello Kitty ballerina cake for Birthday number one. I used the fondant for all the features.
Hello Kitty cake

"Cute!", was the children's reactions and so that is good enough for me. Zoe decided to begin teething with all four molars so she snugged and slept throught most of it.
Anna opening Zoe's gifts

Trying on Nana's gift!
Zoe asleep at party

On Sunday, we gave her the baby mini cake to munch on. She just wanted to stand in her chair and turn around as usual, but this time it was with gooey hands. Gotta love it! Yes, I use the safety harness, but she can actually wiggle out of it! Little Houdini!
Zoe eating birthday cake

I always get a laugh out of these cakes. They make me feel better when the vanilla flavored icing overdose from decorating is at its worst, three hours later.... Your cakes can't be as bad as these from professionals. What disasters! It loaded a bit slow, but there some very funny pictures of cakes and some amazing ones too!


  1. What great cakes! Happy Birthday Zoe!

  2. happy birthday ,cute girl !
    yum cake...
    best wishes.

  3. WOW and double WOW!! Your the cake queen! They look too good to eat.

    Happy Birthday to sweet Zoe!


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