April 30, 2010

First, I'll make a quick trick brick stack.

My sister-in-law had a baby this Easter. Inspiration to make something came from her awesome handmade  wall art.

Andrew, helped me by handing me the bricks to lay on the floor in the dining room. He seems pleased. I loved the help as I am not the random type, unless I have lots of fabric choices.

Andrew placing blocks

This was easy to make and Zoe likes it. She noticed the soft minkee like her blanket and kept grabbing at it.

Finished Minkee baby quilt

Each brick is 4.5" by 9.5". I stitched in the ditch and used no batting. Easy peasy, unless Zoe plays with the foot pedal!

Up Close Finished Minkee baby quilt

The owl was made up as I went along. I coveted the recent Pottery Barn owls, but decided to make my own. The felt eyes were the most difficult. Anna said that the first pair looked liked the eggs I ate for breakfast, sunny side over, so I tried another idea. One pair looked mean and I finally went with these. A pinking blade was used to cut out the eyes that were stitched around the edges. I love that owl fabric.

I used the block idea from the Fresh Poppy Sisters. The Minkee was added for texture. The letters were cut from a computer font paper template and raw edged appliqued with Misty Fuse. I messy-edged the letters, since I knew I would mess up at least twice, and so it would last in the wash. (It is suppose to fray and look cool Becky!) A lightweight interfacing/Pellon from Joanne's was used so the polyester stuffing won't work it's way out of the block.

Baby Blocks and Owl Stuffie

All this fabric was bought online, at the same time and from the same source. I was really nervous about it since the site had a color coordination system that allows you to pick coordinating fabrics. Go to Hawthorne's and check it out. I experimented with fabric I had in my stash already and the computer "knew" what matched. Awesome! They even shipped it the same day and it got here fast!! My favorite is the Lecien My Folklore fabric.

(The Minkee however took two weeks and held up the process. So, I won't mention that online store!)

Thank you for all of your weekly comments of encouragement! I think I may be kicking the procrasination bug. I have a giveaway here in this post, if any of you might be interested in aqua and red! You don't have to come to the party, but you can still crash it! ;)


  1. My goodness you've been busy!! You make me feel like a slacker.... But such beautiful things! I love the bricks quilt, and the owl is just too cute! And babies just love those soft blocks - unfortunately for me, my dogs do too! I'm headed over to check out the aqua and red giveaway now!

  2. Love the colors for a boy!!! Great choices. That owl is darling too!! Thanks for sharing the finish!



  3. Beautiful quilt! The colors are very warm.

    The owl is adorable. Your final set of eyes are perfect. For some reason I'm reminded of the old commercial where the owl is supposed to determine how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsy-roll pop. (I'm probably showing my age now.) Fun memory.

  4. this is such a great quilt...i love the art that inspired you.

  5. holy moly that's cute! I love love love the colors, and the fabrics! Lucky kid!

  6. I'm an owl freak so I love that little guy in the last picture as well as the fabric with the owls on it. Those blocks are officially the sweetest thing I've seen in some time. Great job on your projects.

  7. I love your quilt! And such sweet blocks and owl. :o)
    Sincerely ~ Tricia

  8. Wow! Everything looks fantastic and really goes together! I love the colours. They are so warm looking and perfect for a boy!

  9. This is all so lovely, I think the color combination is perfect. Thanks for linking to Hawthorne's, I had never heard about it but I am sure to go browse over there.

  10. wow...that looks lovely...i love the colours

  11. Wow Kristen, that is a whole lot of accomplishment!! You and your 'helper' did a great job, and that owl is soooooooo cute!! I think his eyes are perfect :)

  12. That owl is adorable! And I love the colors and fabrics in your quilt. I bet your sister-in-law is thrilled!

  13. I LOVE the My Folklore fabric, I have a few yards that I have not dared cut yet.

    I am sure your SIL will be tickled with everything, it all looks amazing!

  14. Oh my goodness this is so cute. It's probably the cutest little boy anything I've seen! Beautiful, and i love the owl (the owl fabric and the owl plushie!)

  15. Kristen these are awesome projects!!! Lovely quilt. Cute owl and cubes. Thanks for sharing!

  16. These are great! Love that owl!


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