April 23, 2010

A Dresden Plate Party Sew Along

Anna and I had fun picking out pinks this week. I am enamored with this block.There are some reproduction fabrics and some new ones that are inspired by those vintage feedsacks from the 30s.

Dresden Plate 2

I made an aqua and red one last week and this week I came up with this.

Dresden Plate 2

I've got piles of these and I have a wonderful feeling I am going to make quite a  beautiful mess in my sewing corner this weekend.

Piles of Red and Aqua Goodness

Now soak in all these beautiful Dresden plate blocks.

1. Dresden Plate Quilt - 2007, 2. Wedges!, 3. Dresden Plate, 4. dresden plates ready for applique!, 5. and.......??, 6. Dresden Plate Pillow, 7. dresden plate, 8. DQS8 Preview, 9. Stacked plates, 10. DQS8 finished., 11. Color Wheel Mini Quilt, 12. Dresden Plate Candy Apple, 13. Ferris Wheel Quilt- WIP, 14. Now for the border..., 15. dresden mini detail, 16. Doll Quilt Swap 7

I love how all of these look! Flickr is completely responsible for my latest obsession.  Can you understand how I am utterly obsessed with them? There are so many possibilites: pastels, brights, nuetrals, modern, traditional, and artistic impressions... I just made a modern aqua and red block and now I  realize, I have found the perfect block for my fabrics in my header. I am so excited. And, thank you Amy, for letting me use this forum to share!

So, do you want to make one?

Will you come to this Dresden Plate Party? I'll be sharing ideas on how to make this easy. There are so many ways to go about making one! There will food, friends, fabric giveaways, and weekly encouragement of the virtual kind. Did I hear fabric giveaways!?

Maybe you have an UFO  hidden away to share with us? A family heirloom? Maybe a heirloom UFO?
This is an outline of what we will do. 

Guest List- Sign up by leaving a comment that you will come and play. Grab my button for your website. We'll link up once a week on Tuesdays to share our progress and encourage.

Dresden Plate Party

Shopping for Goodies- The first week we will come up with our supplies.  Let's go check out what's in our stashes. This can be scraps, charm packs, or that lovely bunch of fabric you have been wondering what to do with. The good news is one block does not need much.  I recommend a template, since it makes the block easy. 

Set the table- During this week we will cut, press and sew our plates using our template.

Enjoy the Party- During the last few weeks, we will choose what applique method that fits our projects the best and finish our block.

Somewhere in here, we'll have a giveaway or two. The best part about this is you can decide to do only one or however many you choose. These would make a fun mini art quilt for a wall and would make a great gift!

Will you come to the party?! Will you spread the word? Let me know if you want to play along!

Have a great weekend!


And remember to go visit Sew and Tell. There are more talented and crafty people than me out there.


  1. Aha, a party! Awesome - off to spread the word. :)

  2. Hmmm... I've always wanted to try one of these blocks so, maybe I should join!

  3. Love your new Dresden! I'd love nothing better than to join your Dresden Party--but I'm making myself finish my UFO's before I start something new. However, I may have to come and peek at what you all are doing.

  4. Okay, I'm in. I found a Dresden plate template among mom's things when she passed away last year, and I have no idea how to use it. It's the one she used to make my quilt with in the '60s (which I so wish I could find...think my sister has it somewhere). This should be fun!

  5. I wasn't sure anything could beat the red and aqua, but the pinks are oh-so-pretty! Since I am not really a quilter, I will stand on the sidelines and be the cheerleader for all the Dresden Plate Party Participants!

  6. This sounds like my kind of party :) In fact, I must have been precognitive since I have already started a lovely stack and posted about it on my blog. I'm in!

    BYOB -- Bring your own blocks?

  7. Wow, so pretty! I love all those pinks, and that flickr mosaic.... I'm off to waste some time there!

  8. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Oh boy! I am soo playing along with you! Your dresden blocks are simply beautiful! I can't wait to get started, woo hoo!!!

    (it's not like i have other things to do ;o)

  10. I'm in too! Last week I started cutting out and sewing a bunch of black and white Dresden petals. A sew along would be a great motivator!

  11. Loving the pink fabric combo! I hope you have another dresden party sometime down the road as I would love to join (I have a dresden plate quilt ufo). I just have too many swaps going at this moment and need to concentrate on being a good swap partner.

    Have heaps of fun!

  12. Love that you enjoyed my dresden plate well enough to put it in your mosaic!!!!



  13. Oh yes, I'm in. Started one years ago from prints my Grandma gave me...but have no idea want ever came of them. Love the aqua and reds. Bright and cheery.


  14. Kristen, I love this pink dresden almost as much as your red and aqua one ;-)) Thanks for sharing your dresden Flickr pictures. Wish I could play along, but alas, my plate is full...no pun intended ;-) Have fun. I will be checking in and seeing all the creativity.

  15. I'm so happy to find you making the same pattern I'm working on. I just cut 4 more blocks today. I'd love to follow along, I don't have a blog though.


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