March 12, 2010

Zakka Sewing Basket

Zakka means a Japanese style of miscellaneous home items that mean to improve your home, life and attitude. To me it means beautiful items that make me so happy!
Japanese zakka sewing basket

This basket was made with 100% linen and some Japanese hedgehog fabric. I hand stitched the rick rack with DMC 304. It measures 4 by 6 by 3 inches. These little baskets live around the house so they can beautifully collect the sewing junk that expands around the house on a daily basis.

So go visit Sew and Tell. There are more talented and crafty people than me out there.

ps If you have kids or have had them around the house when do you create? I need all the advice you can give me! Naps are shrinking and I am at a loss of creative time. Kids come first, so what do you do?


  1. Love this cute little basket! I have them (not in this shape, which I need desperately!) around the house helping me with stashing stuff I need out of sight.

    When naps shrink, you can
    a) hire a babysitter
    b) get up earlier
    c) stay up later
    d) sell the kids (not recommended!)
    e) realize where your priorities are, and let
    yourself be kinder on yourself and craft when
    you can, let the house go a little bit more,
    and love your kiddoes! Playdoh is a big help
    too! LOL

  2. Kristen, this is such a darling basket. Love the bright blue against the linen. Good luck with finding time with kids ;-) Mine are older, so I try to get all my sewing done when they are in school. Once they are home, life takes over ;-)

  3. Great basket! Not sure that I have any brilliant insight on when to craft with kids!!! We still have a quiet time each day for the non-nappers. They always know that they can interrupt me if they need me! Sewing may not happen often or regular for a while, but things have a way of evening out, I hope!

  4. Yeah, I remember naps shrinking. Pretty soon they will go to school and you'll have tons of time again. Enjoy your little ones. :)

    I love that basket. That hedgehog fabric is sooo cute.

  5. I had a tiny house when the kids where small and had to sew on the dining table. The house was so small that you could see every room of the house sitting at the dining table. Real cosy! The kids could see me and didnt mind my sewing (they would play along side). the littlest use to crawl under the table and once pressed on my presser foot while I was sewing! Scared the hell out of me!! lol

    Moral of long story is to perhaps make a cosy sewing space where you sew and kids play. You can see each other. The kids will learn about sharing mummies sewing time. Mums are important too, so put aside an hour or so for yourself.

    PS, forget housework at this time. It will wait.

  6. love your little basket. I did a lot less sewing when the kids were little...but the sewing machine was in their play area and that helped!

  7. cute basket! I have 4 kids, and I mainly create things at night. I also have been known to put on a movie and sneak down to my sewing machine while they veg out for an hour.

  8. I love that basket! So cute. Wish I had advise for sewing with little ones around, but I don't seem to get much done while my daughter is awake :-( She always wants to play with the off-limits stuff like scissors and the seam ripper!

  9. Such a cute basket! Great Friday finish!

  10. I have little baskets like this on my to-do list for my daughter. I am going to make some in each color so she can put thigns of the correct color in the boxes. The ric rack on the outside is a great idea! Love it.

  11. Cute basket! So pretty to have around the house!

  12. Very cute basket! How do you get it stand up? Any tutorial links? *hint, hint*

  13. Your basket is adorable...I love the fabrics!

  14. That is adorable! and yes, a tutorial would be great!

    As far as sewing with kids... or while kids are around... I have my sewing center set up in the playroom, so I can sew while they play. I wasn't excited about it at first, but it's really grown on me! I also do a lot of sewing after they go to bed at night.

  15. Love this little basket. Adorable!! Yes sewing with kids can be a challenge to say the least. I think its best to have a space near where your kids can play and see you. I used to let my girls play with my fabrics scraps and I have a bag of bias binding that they would have a great time pulling out. They made a mess but were quiet and happy to be near me while I worked. I had to learn to ignore the mess.

  16. Your basket is beautiful - as some others here, a tutorial or a link would be greatly appreciated ;-)) Could use some baskets over here, to gather those little things!

  17. Love the basket - can't have too many cool looking storage baskets!

    And sewing with little ones - all my advice is up above! Except - if you manage it, hire a housecleaner! It's changed my life!

  18. maybe you could get them involved in the fabric. my son loves to sit and play with my scraps...and if yours are big enough to use safety scissors...cutting it into tiny little pieces gets mine involved for a really long time. this amazing. i could use tons of these....


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