March 22, 2010

Stash of a Gamer's Wife

Couldn't help sharing a new fabric buy. I bought them at a local store that had some quilt store specials. Jess would be rolling his eyes, but I guess that's how he gets away with all that time playing video games. We all need our hobbies!

Blue and Aqua Fabrics

A little bit of Prints Charming in aqua and red. I'm planning to make a fun Christmas quilt with these. The lace was $1.00 and it was only one of two things I bought at the quilt show. Such restraint, right?

Some random fabric stash

I couldn't help the peppers. They'll be made into potholders and pot handle cozies. I thought the green Amy Butler would look great with linen. The pink Wildwood trees goes great with Heather Ross's Far Far and Away. And the dots, well..., they match some other fabric I have, but it is American Jane in red polka dots. I can't resist that.

Spring Magic Pillowcase

On Sunday, I dug into the yard of Spring Magic I bought at the show, made it into a pillowcase and readied it for crochet edging last night. Hmm. I have no idea how to do it, but You Go Girl has a tutorial, and I am going to check out YouTube. Let me know if you know of any beginning crocheting sites! It just looks so sweet!

Speaking of sweet...

a gratuitous baby walking picture! (And, yes that is Mario on the wall!)


  1. Adorable little girl.....just as cute as Anna and Andrew, but of course I may be a little prejudiced!!!!

  2. Gorgeous fabrics and a sweet baby picture! That red and aqua at the top are fantastic.

  3. Love the fabric and any baby pictures shared!

  4. You are so lucky to have a local fabric store that stocks such yummy fabric!

    Luv from "Green Envy Eyes" lol


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