March 3, 2010

Spring is sooner recognized by plants than by men.

I finished my redwork cherries and I think my next will be something to do with Hello Kitty. At least I will have something to motivate my daughters to dry dishes one day. (grin)

Cherry tea towel

I did some more poking around with cherries and embroidery and found this. Ackk! Super cute, right? I don't think I can color mine in retroactively. I think I will add the eyelets. After my cherry quilt, Monica of  Happy Zombie is going to think I am craft stalking her. Is that such a thing?

I won some fabric from Quilty Bee and last night, before Lost, I noodled around and did this. (BTW what is the finale of that show going to look like?!!) The butterflies are inspiring me to do something.


We'll see. I love this fabric! She was so nice and popped in that wonderful crocheted washcloth. It's going to hold my coffee in the sewing room instead!

We did some painting in the backyard today. They spilled the water twice!


More and more flowers and plants are enjoying the sun. (Does the Chinese proverb make more sense now?) The Royal Apricot tree looks gorgeous.


The Cape Honeysuckle is enjoying the iron I gave it a few weeks ago.


Our turnips and tarragon are growing happily here.

Tarragon and turnips

And I am itching to plant these tomatoes. I don't even know if they are ready to go outside or not. I really hope I don't kill these.

Tomato plants

I am in the process of cutting up fat quarters this for the pinwheel quilt along. I'm not doing the back of Anna'a quilt this week. I have so less fabric than I thought. I have to think about what to do.


  1. Thank you for the leap into spring! I like the strip you've sewn...the fabrics are quite beautiful.

    The cherries are blooming beautiful!

  2. Your redwork cherries are so sweet and I really love the ones colored with crayon that you linked to. I hope your cheery spring pictures will help the weather warm up!


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