March 13, 2010

Saturday Morning Tennis Sew-In

Jess took everyone to Anna's tennis lesson and I got to work in the sewing room. Thank you so much for all the comments in the last post. I love everyone's advice about when they sew, except Dee's advice on what to do, part d.  ;)   It did made me laugh.  I'm getting excited about the Friday Night Sew-in for March. I am going to work on my pinwheel quilt. It's a bit bright, but I think it will look good once all the pinwheels get finished. I laid down the pairs and folded the light down so I can see the color pairing. (Some pairs are sewn together already using this method.)

I can see why most pinwheel quilts have a white solid as their background. White would be sooo much easier than trying to eyeball and squint to see if one fabric read dark or light! Some fabrics read light AND dark depending on the fabric they were placed with, so I'm not sure if this will cause problems later. Can you see the two pinwheels that will be the same? Hopefully there is only pair so let me know if there is more than one. (Oops! I found three!) Any critique is welcome!

I did actually finish one pinwheel!!

I hope you are all having a good weekend!

As you can see, this weekend, Zoe has been weaned from the bottle to the cup.
Don't you love that smile?!


  1. Looking for matching pairs just had me feeling like I was playing snap! lol

    Zoe looks cute trying to drink from that huge cup! Give her a big hug from me.

  2. Sew glad my advice was just finctional, just kidding-would never really consider it...weeel, maybe! LOL Always hoping for a laugh and a smile!

    Your fabrics are pretty! Just what we need after a long, dreary winter!

    Zoe is a doll baby!

  3. Darling smile.
    If you set your camera on black and white it will help you value for lights and darks and you won't have to squint.


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