March 8, 2010

Rainy Monday

This weekend was good and bad.

We had a lot of rain which I love. The backyard is done so we didn't have mud puddles for once.  Most of the tourists on the strip hate it. It's what they are probably trying to get away from- weather. If we ever move, I want to have a metal roof with a bedroom on the upper floor to hear the rain. I actual miss weather of all kinds!

We planted a few seeds of melons and some lettuce so it made me feel good they were rained in. Anna helped with that and Andrew helped Dad with the last raised bed. Zoe enjoyed  her walker. She loves the turf, but like to off-road on the rocks. She walked a few steps last night.

I finished cutting up the squares for the ORBC quilt along. It's weird thinking this little pile is 24 fat quarters! I'll add the picture later if I can get my camera to work!!
I am waiting for the Kona Cotton to come in at the local quilt store. I think I may have to buy some online. It's a lot cheaper, but there are at least three types of white. What are the differences with white bleached, white and snow? I am frustrated. I don't know which one I have been using.

I got my hair cut, Friday afternoon, which felt good, but I actually had two 20s stolen from my wallet. They actually left two tens and a twenty thinking it wouldn't be noticed until I got home. I counted and separated the ones from the other bills in the car so I could just hand it to her. I was sure. So much for hiding it under my fleece jacket. It was taken when I was getting the highlights dried under the blower and chatting with the stylist. Nice scam if you asked me. It had to be someone working there. Watching. I told my stylist to check her money too. Her bag was on the counter, but God help me if it was her. It makes you so paranoid and unhappy about the world. Well, I hope they needed it more than me and didn't spend it on happy hour. Sad, huh?

Maybe this week will be better.

(Monday 4:00)
p.s. It is.


  1. Okay, first off...that's a lot of fabric! Wow! But I really like the colors you've chosen.

    Zoe is too cute! I love rain too. On the roof, with the windows open so I can hear it pitter pattering and I sleep so much bettr.

    As for the money, it's one of the reasons I don't carry a purse. I rarely carry cash. Hard lesson learned, but you seem to be taking it in stride!

    Hope tomorrow is exactly what you're dreaming of!

  2. Yikes . . .that is a sad thing to hear about and they are always saying at the hairdresser to just leave your purse sitting there while they take you somewhere else. Good thing to come home to such a sweet smile!


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