March 28, 2010

Las Vegas Family Staycation- Part 1

Here is one of my finishes squeezed into this weekend. Anna has decided this Heather Bailey pincushion is a perfect princess pillow for Sleeping Beauty. How could I refuse? I have plenty of biscornu around the house.
Heather Bailey Pincushion
I also have a secret project that I can hopefully share in a couple of weeks. I'm bursting. Anna wanted to take pictures of the fabric when it came and Andrew helped lay out the pieces on the floor. Then he wanted his picture taken with it! What a bunch of little blogger babies I've created.

We set up the tent in the backyard and had a camp out. Anna said, "I want to say something, in your ear." She whispered in her Daddy's ear, "I'm having fun, although I'm not sure Andrew is."
Camp Out!

We had a barbecue, tent, fire pit and plenty of these.

Anna said, "Let's go all Man vs Food on those!" She then said, "I want to eat those mushrooms." She has been mixing up mushrooms and marshmallows. Now Andrew calls them that too! Andrew kept saying, "I want some more." I understand now! I also learned that Jesse never had one before. How old is he?

Zoe and I stayed inside. I think it was a bit too cold for the little princess and I. They made it through the night with Dad.
Little One


  1. Sounds like a great staycation. Thanks for your tutorial I'm bookmarking it.

  2. What a fun holiday right at home! Your children will have some great memories of these fun family times!


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