February 1, 2010

What did I do last weekend?

Where do I begin?

First I looked at all the Sew and Tell and tried to figured out how to reply to some lovely comments. I didn't know that I can be notified of comments by email. I love your comments. The comments and posts encourage me so much. There were so many projects I put on my someday list.  I got lost in the blogosphere for hours! Darn, I need to budget that precious time.

I did put the borders on a quilt top that has been brewing since August. The top was a 24 inch square. I was so proud of myself this week, with so much multitasking, I forgot the rule of measuring twice and maybe once more before getting out that rotary cutter. I work in small chunks of time so I jumped at the chance this last Wednesday. You can't do anything in large chunks with three kids under 5 years. This was the result of a 10 minute border cutting session while one child finished a bottle and the other two are eating Cheerios while I cut on the kitchen island.  Um, yeah.
Um, yeah...
I didn't notice that the border was too short until Saturday when this was taken.  I am so glad the pink border was not cut until this weekend when I had more Mommy time. I'll get a better picture of the finished project tomorrow.

Someone, sigh, I don't know who, mentioned if anyone had Olympic goals. My Olympic sized goal is to quilt Anna's Woodland Bloom quilt. Here is a sneak peek.
Woodland Bloom 9 patch
The binding will be done by the end of the month of February.  There I said it. So I have to do it, right? Ugh. At least I'll remember the date it was finished when I forget to put a label on it! I also want to do that Old Red Barn pinwheel quilt along too. I see long nights coming.

We had a nice day of biking and scootering to begin the weekend. Andrew wasn't feeling good Saturday night at all. We watched Wall-e and Anna and Andrew shared an entire bowl of microwave popcorn. I think Andrew had more than half the bowl. Err. Don't read this if you are eating. You've been warned. He yacked at about one o'clock Sunday morning in bed. I must have cleaned his sheets about three times in the washing machine. Once with bleach and more to shake out the corn goodness. You could say there was very very clean corn in the washing machine. Ugh, he had corn as a vegetable for dinner too! My poor little man. He feels much better today. I need to better regulate the stuffing of mouths with goodies when watching movies!

But on the good news front, look!! My plants are growing.
There are two Marigold trays and two trays of tomatoes. I have another tower of plants going, but the pictures looked exactly the same.
Whose sock is that? Anyway, I have a blue flower named Borage growing too. I am mostly excited about the tomatoes. I have Red Brandywines, Austin Red Pears and some Roma Cherrys. Whoohoo. I can taste them. But can they survive multiple 100 degree days? I started them early so maybe when I can get tomatoes before it hits the 90s in May. We'll see. I cannot believe how Seed Savers seeds have an almost 100% germination rate. Its incredible. I hope they mature just as well.

Did you have a busy weekend too?


  1. Love your sweet cherry table topper! (and the littl' pink sock-!)

  2. the woodland quilt is just scrumptious! the cherries are so sweet, I can't stand it and my mouth is watering and hands are itching to get outside and plant!


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