February 26, 2010

A Boy And His Hedgehog

My seam ripper worked overtime this week and now I have a cold. I plan to spend the rest of today wrapped up in a blanket in the loft watching the kids play. It can't be that bad when you have sweeties like them around. Plus QuiltyBee had a fabulous fabric giveaway and I was the winner. I love the philosophy behind it, use it or share it!  I can't wait to use her fabric in a new journal cover. Thanks for the chance! I'll be sure to share it here. In the meantime, I need to go through my stash and revaluate too.

This week I had a little project for Sew and Tell. Andrew has this hedgehog Webkins stuffie called Spike, of course. He plays with Dad and Anna, with her Cocker Spaniel Polly, on Sunday afternoons. Mostly Dad plays, but Anna, at five, is getting very good with the mouse! I've been seeing a lot of artwork with mushrooms and hedgies, so I been throwing the idea of making one the last three weeks. There are a few cute patterns with felt, but I wanted something bigger as a stuffie. I found one this week.

It is a Lila Tueller design and is a free pdf on her sidebar at this time. Her mushrooms are a lot more girlie and are perfect for pincushions. If you like these colors you should check out her giveaway. It's beautiful too. Mine is made in colors for my little man.


It came out pretty cute and my little man was playing with it all day yesterday. It's base is made of linen and it has light interfacing on the bottom to make it flat. It calls for the base to be all rice but I only used about a half an inch and filled the rest with polyester stuffing. I am not sure what Robert Kaufman polka dot that is. I am going to try it again, since it came out huge, and reduce the pattern. (I think my printer inadvertently increased the size.)

Anna's Woodland Bloom quilt, an older Lila Tueller fabric line, will be done next week, hopefully without anymore seam ripping. It's come along way from this.

Woodland Bloom 9 patch
I am going to cuddle up with the rest of this redwork this weekend.

So go visit Sew and Tell. There are more talented and crafty people than me out there.


  1. The quilt blocks are so very pretty! I love the colors and patterns!

    The mushroom and hedgehog (personal favorite of my boys thanks to Sonic the Hedgehog!) are just too much fun!

    Hope you feel better! I'm on day 5 and still feel like, well, to be kind, crap!

    Great Friday Finish!

  2. Lots of pretty things to see! Who can resist a hedgehog and mushroom together?

  3. Cute mushroom. I'm going to have to check out the pattern. Thanks for the link. Your red work is lovely. Congrats on the win. Hope you feel better soon.

  4. Can't wait to see your quilt finished. Those colors are just fantastic. And that mushroom looks like it belongs on the floor of an enchanted forest... there are probably fairies who would LOVE to have that for their home (only don't tell your son that!)

  5. Your quilt blocsk look great! Can't wait to see it done!

    Love the mushrooms. I saw somewhere else that the pattern makes a LARGE mushroom so maybe you didn't print it big?

  6. I have the same mushroom pattern for sew n tell this week also. :D Mine turned out huge also. I think it's just the pattern. I too want to shrink it a bit and try again. I actually didn't finish reading the directions so I missed the bit about the whole bottom being filled with rice. I have about a 1/4c in it and the rest is polyfill. Rice would be make them more sturdy now that I think about it.
    Love your quilt squares, cannot wait to see the finished product. Maybe for next Friday? ;)

  7. Love the linen and dots on the mushroom :)

  8. love the mushroom and I can't wait to see the woodland bloom quilt. I love that line!

  9. this is the cutest little mushroom...perfect company for a hedgie

  10. Yummy photos. The mushroom turned out excellent. Love the colours in your blocks. Hope we get to see your finished redwork.

  11. Fun projects here--take care of yourself. Maybe your little addition to the stash will perk you up :)

  12. Those are absolutely cute projects! The toadstool is just perfect.

  13. Love the quilt blocks ... would love to see the finished quilt. I saw the mushroom pin cushions in another blog ... loved them. Thanks for the link to the free pattern!


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