January 11, 2010

I love polka dots!

Yeah! Part of my goals was met this weekend. I had to put the lining in the polka dot linen basket. It was the scariest part. I must have use 40 pins. It measures 6 by 4 by 3 inches.  I need to figure out what kind of stiffener to use to make it more boxy than lumpy. The linen sort of holds its shape, but not when I lift it by its handles. What do you use? I want the other two baskets to be less pliable. They are going to be pink/green and aqua/red. The fabrics will be Japanese hedgehog prints. The idea for this came from the linen zakka cozys for crayons and markers that were made this Christmas for Anna and Andrew. A cozy made for a cozy? I probably throw whatever quilting stuff in it that needs a home.

Polka Dot Cozy for quilting supplies

Mostly I spent this weekend having a cold along with everyone else in the house. The couch was my friend. I must have picked out as many cross stitches as I put in. Thankfully the kids got out their pillows and blankets and 'slept' on the floor of the loft. Zoe seems content to find out what can be chewed on and what can't. She is getting her incisors.

On Friday, I made a ham and corn chowder that I simplified by using frozen corn and ham steak. I also took my trusty apple pie in jar to make an apple crisp. I love that all the work for the apple filling was done this summer. Both recipes were throw ingredients in, cook and eat. Dinner was made in 15 minutes. Comfort food like that is the best. Everyone is over the cold for most part today. I knew Jesse was better when he started cleaning. He actually scrubbed the inside of the trash cans in the bathrooms. Whoo Hoo!  I made homemade pasta from scratch Sunday night. Yummy. Andrew still has a bit of the sniffles.

It feels like spring outside. Our apple and fig trees are getting buds on them for leaves. When are you suppose to start tomatoes in the Southwest? I can't figure out the growing season for vegetable gardens here. We will have five raised beds, 4 by 6 feet, under our olive trees. All books seem to be written for the non-desert garden. When are you suppose to start tomatoes in the Southwest? Do you sow in the garden or in starter trays? What month do put them outside? So many questions. I hope we'll be successful this year with something.


  1. Love the basket. To give my linen stuff more body I use fairly heavy iron-on interfacing, the sort that's sold for handbag making. Wish it was spring here in England!

  2. This RED polka dot linen basket is so perfect! It has every thing I LOVE. I know why you are happy with it, too!
    :-} pokey


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