January 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Anna!

So tired. We got back from the happiest place on earth on Friday. When we arrived, we had fog and rain and I was worried we might have a very wet trip. It was 60s and sunny the next day. The Candy Cane Inn was fabulous and was in walking distance from everything. We got to see the fireworks from Disney the first night we were there and could hear and see the Hotel of Terror from California Adventure from the second story balcony.

We ate our continental breakfast and headed over to Disneyland. Anna got a pin for her birthday and we all ended up with free "Our 1st Visit" or "We're Celebrating" button pins. On every ride, the park attendants said happy birthday to her, and it made her day very special. I don't think she knew it was the birthday girl button she wore that gave it away. I asked her how they knew and she smiled, "...cause it was!"

The first ride we hit was the Buzz Light year ride. We fast passed it an hour or two later. It was a lot of fun. It was pretty sad that Andrew scored higher than me through the first time, but we figured it out the next time. I love the pictures we emailed back to ourselves.

Jess is on a mission. Determined and focused as always. He so wanted level 4.  Boys and their games...

Don't ever go on Autopia with a 3 year old at the wheel. Your back will never be the same. We giggled all the way through. Anna, Andrew, and Jess got to ride first and wait in the long line and then I used the Baby Rider Switch program to go on the ride immediately with Andrew again without waiting. Awesome!!

Of course we had to go on the kids roller coaster.  It was a lot of time in line for a short ride, but the long wait to see the princesses was worth it.

Jess stood in line for 1 hour and fifteen minutes and the kids sat and had a snack of goldfish and granola bars. It was lunchtime, so a lot of the kids whose parents didn't have snacks with them were staring at us like a zoo attraction. Trust me, you can always bring water into any amusement park, but if you put the snacks under the diapers and A&D, you can bring almost anything.  Anna was shy at first, but soon she was asking Snow White why she wasn't wearing her red shoes like her doll. She said she had them at home being polished. Right as we walked out, Ariel and Belle came in the exit.  With viewing Cinderella in the parade, she got to see all *6* princesses.

The parade as well as Cinderella's castle was dressed up for the holidays.


I was amazed at the skill of the nutcrackers. Imagine this interview: You have to march in formation, you need to play the coronet, you need to do both with a mask obscuring your view and a costume that isn't comfortable. I went to music school for this?

We went out to the Cheesecake Factory for lunner (lunch/dinner). I hate the CA nutritional labels on everything. I don't want to know my piece of cheesecake has a thousand or more calories, what is the fun in that? Andrew made it through a few pieces of bread and started to fall asleep. I told him to lay down in my lap in the booth, and he was asleep in seconds.

We took a nap/rest in the hotel, ate the rest of Anna's chocolate birthday cake from Vons, and headed back to the park. We went to Nemo, the carousel in Fantasyland, and Pirates. It was getting close to the New Years Eve festivities and it was getting crowded. Nemo was a long wait, but since there was a water show opposite Pirates we nearly walked in to that ride. Wow. Captain Jack Sparrow and his lair was fabulous. With the updates to the ride, it is like the ride is based on the movie that was based on the ride.

Besides someone trying to take our stroller in the dark at 9:30, unbelievable crowds at night, and a very wet potty incident after the last ride that we will not speak of, the day went great. The kids fell asleep on the stroller on the walk home, and Zoe who spent most of the day asleep and comfy in my Mei Tai, was fabulous. 
It was a great birthday party.

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